So You’re In a Relationship With a Make Sense…

So there we were. Me, a Trust, just wanting to be heard and listened to while sharing what happened during my day. However, what he heard, was an opportunity to try and solve the problem. I was only sharing my frustration with a coworker and he immediately began to divulge routes I could take to solve this. The desire to solve problems is compulsive for someone with the WHY of Make Sense. It is their gift to the world, and is important to understand that, even though this may not be what you are asking for in that moment.

Sometimes all you need is a little support

At times they may seem a little bit more rigid than they mean to be. Because Make Sense people are so intelligent they may not understand why someone else isn’t “getting it” when it came so easy for them. This can cause some friction in relationships when they are spelling out something for you and you may not be understanding or asking for a quick fix, but rather were looking for support. You will need to let them know ahead of time whether what you are telling them requires their help or if this is a venting session – as they simply can’t help themselves from trying to solve. Make sure to remember they aren’t belittling what you are saying or don’t think you can figure it out on your own, they are just trying to help you.

What they provide

In a relationship a Make Sense person does bring a lot to the table. They bring the ability to help, not in a Contribute way, but in their own way. When you and your significant other are planning a vacation, a dinner date, or a concert, be thankful you are in a relationship with a Make Sense. They can quickly come up with a game plan for travel, driving, hotel, put it in a spreadsheet and set it up quickly. The rest of us know this would’ve taken us weeks, 3 liters of tears, and 10 travel agent live chats to complete. But for a Make Sense they do their research, understand it, and map out what needs to happen – badda bing badda boom – done!

I think the most important thing to know when in a relationship with a Make Sense is that they can’t help themselves but try and help you. It is their way of nurturing the relationship, and they aren’t trying to make you feel less than when they’ve solved it before you were even done fully explaining the situation. You will be thankful for this ability many, many times over the course of your relationship. You will be thankful you have them to lean on and that they will do all the hard thinking for you. Make Sense people make a great life partners, taking down one obstacle at a time for the both of you.

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One Way to Do Things

"There are two ways to do something: the right way, and again."
Navy Seals

If you have the WHY of Right Way or know someone with the WHY of Right Way, that quote probably made you laugh, like it did me. There is nothing quite like the WHY of Right Way. There is no room for grey areas, there is no such thing as wiggle room, and there is no such thing as close enough. While such absolutes may seem rigid, the world needs Right Way people because they are who keeps everyone on track with the processes and structures they create. 

The Absolutes


These will look different to each person with the WHY of Right Way, but these WILL exist for them no matter what. Maybe their absolutes are how a shirt should be tucked in, how to fix a car, or even how you brush your teeth. There is a right and a wrong way for things to be done.

For those of us who do not have a Right Way bone in our body, we see the world as having a lot more wiggle room and have the ability to go more with the flow. This may not rub a Right Way person quite right so be sure you can communicate WHY to WHY. Understanding each other’s WHY and how each person sees the world is why the WHY Institute exists after all.


WHY we Need You!


Processes and systems are what helps the world go round. Many of us, including myself, find ourselves straying from the task at hand, an initial goal, and we tend to zig and zag. People with the WHY of Right Way keep projects, meetings, and life on track. They have an uncanny ability to implement a proven process and never deviate from it. Right Way people are truly impressive, and the rest of us are in awe of your discernment.

Keep doing things the Right Way!

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A Look At Trust

We all like to believe that trust is important to us. We all like to believe that we are generally trustworthy, and we all want to be trusting of others. While trust may rank high in your core values, it cannot bear the weight of someone with the WHY of Trust. Understanding what trust truly means to someone with the WHY of Trust is essential to having a good relationship with them. Whether the relationship is between coworkers, family, friends, or a significant other – it is imperative to know.

Trust in The Workplace

A camaraderie is very important to feeling valued in the workplace for someone with the WHY of Trust. Not only from desk to desk, but that they can grab a beer after work or talk about their weekends together. When it comes to employer, employee relationships you can count on them to get their tasks done on time and while praise is not necessary, it helps them know you see the value in them. Trust’s love a fun, family-style work environment.

Trust in Family & Friends

Having trust and feeling trusted in these relationships is crucial for someone with the WHY of Trust. If this foundation is broken from a young age it can hinder their ability to trust in others and themselves for many years to come. When there IS trust, however, these relationships become a great strength for those with the WHY of Trust. They feel as though they can fully be themselves, reach out for help, share mundane details of their day, and share their lives with these people. They can share secrets, keep secrets, and flourish in these trusted relationships.

Trust in Love

If you ask anyone the most important thing in a relationship and they will always invariably tell you trust! While trust is important in all relationships, being in a relationship with someone with the WHY of trust is particularly important to understand. If they have plans and you change them, it can feel like you’re slowly chipping away at what they can count on you for. If you are late or make them late, they feel as though they’ve been let down. With someone with the WHY of trust, you have to be especially attentive to the little things, because while they may seem minute to others, these little things are what allows a Trust to trust themselves and feel trustworthy. On the flip side if there is full understanding and communication of the weight even small things can have on a Trust in a relationship, there is no limit for what these two can do together! Remember though – there are no second chances with a trust.


There are no relationships without trust. Knowing someone close to you has the WHY of Trust can be crucial to interacting with, working with, being friends with, or loving them. They can take a lot more to heart than you realize and usually have a go-with-the-flow temperament so it may be tricky to understand what is wrong. Communication and openness is key with the WHY of Trust and understanding what little things like being on time can really be weighted as. They will never let you down, will be there for you no matter what, and be someone you can confide in about anything! What a wonderful WHY to have.


WHY: Contribute

You’re happiest while you’re making the greatest contribution. 
Robert Kennedy

Contributions. We can think of them as a donation, a supply, or a gift. Those with the WHY of Contribute believe they exist to add value to everyone and everything. Often this can lead to taking on too many projects, too many plans, and in exchange leaving themselves feeling completely exhausted.

Let’s cut to the chase – life is very hectic and often it feels like we are being stretched into a million different directions. Contributes love to be the ones to lend out a helping hand, and thank goodness they do, because we all need a Contribute in our lives. We can find ourselves wishing we were as selfless as a Contribute. But if you are a Contribute you may find yourself feeling like a complete failure if you can’t keep up with this pace. But there is some good news! A few tips to help you out so you can enjoy contributing without feeling spread too thin!

1. Plan
If there is something you could ask for help on or turn over to someone else it could relieve a lot of unnecessary stress. Take a good look at your calendar and make sure what is on there are tasks and projects that only you can do. Are there events on your calendar that are crowding up some much needed time with yourself? Your significant other?

2. Prioritize
Decide what is most important for your own happiness – Contributes can have a hard time being selfish instead of selfish. But let yourself be selfish here.

3. Give yourself permission
Do what you need to do to keep your head above water.

4. Keep Contributing
You are a Contribute! We need you! Never stop being yourself and Contributing!

Business WHY.os WHY

What is a ‘WHY’?

What is a ‘WHY’?

Your WHY is your Purpose, Cause, or Belief. It is the essence of your existence. It is the reason you get out of bed every morning. A WHY is something you cannot control or choose. Once you have discovered your WHY, you will look back on your life, your habits, your compulsions, and it will all make sense. 

Your Business also has a WHY- it is the reason it exists and what drives it forward. When you make your business’ WHY known, your clients and customers connect with you on a different level.

Is a WHY another personality test?

While a WHY can tell us a lot about who we are – including our personality – a WHY is more than that! It is not just traits, tendencies, strengths, weaknesses etc. A WHY can be used to choose a career path or even help pick/understand a spouse! Did I mention you can build your company’s culture, branding, marketing and team around your WHY!? Nothing else like this exists! While your WHY can be used in conjunction with a personality test, the WHY app exceeds a personality assessment.

Why do you need to know your WHY?

Have you ever found yourself wondering why your friend, family member, or significant other does things a certain way? Why they do them differently than you or think differently than you? Wouldn’t you want to know how they’re programmed and for them to understand how you are programmed? When you know your WHY and the WHY’s of those most important to you, you can answer these questions and change the course and trajectory of the relationship!

I know in my case, knowing my WHY and the WHY’s of others has greatly impacted my life. I can’t imagine going through life without the ability to understand both myself and others in a deeper, meaningful way. The WHY Institute strives to change this “WHY-less” world. One WHY at a time. One Business WHY at a time.

Knowing your WHY, the WHY’s of those close to you, the WHY of your company, and the WHY of your coworkers is vital to having deeper connections, deeper understanding, and a leg-up on your competition! When your company is centered around your WHY, your whole team is aligned with the same goal and your external branding matches your internal drive. 

Discover your WHY now if you haven’t already!