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You believe that there is a proper and correct way to do things and that all things should be done right. There is no point in skimping on details or cutting corners. You know that if you create structures and processes that actually work, you can trust that the right results will follow.


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If you have this WHY you believe that there is a proper and correct way to do things, and that things should be done right. You see no point in skimping on details or cutting corners, and believe that to achieve success you must follow procedures that have been proven. You also prefer to use systems that have been developed, tested, and shown to work over time, and you have no problem making adjustments and corrections numerous times in order to produce the right outcomes. You know that if you create structures and processes that work, the right results will follow.

You believe in clarity and simplicity; you understand that operations run smoothly when they have been tried and tested. You generally show up on time because that’s the right thing to do, and you appreciate when others respect a set schedule. You embrace order and instill it into your personal life and business. You recognize that different departments in each business have different needs, yet you also believe there is always a “right way” to get things done (even if it is not your way). In your mind, true leadership works to bring others into the “right way” of doing things.

If unchecked, the tendency for people with your WHY is to become rigid and inflexible. The phrase “My way or the highway” is something that you connect to doing things “the right way”, and it often leads to you believing that there is only one proper way to accomplish an objective.

Obviously this can lead to friction with those who see the world through a different WHY or filter, especially those who are far more comfortable in “rolling with the punches” and innovating as they go along.

Much like Contributors need to select causes that will enable them to create the most value, and Make Sense people need to moderate their problem-solving, people with your WHY must learn to acknowledge that the “right way” for you may not be the “right way” for someone else. You will always be in command of those things that are on your watch, and you can make sure that those items are done properly. However, to get along well with others you must respect their results without the need to be in complete command of the processes they use. People with other WHYs may have a different way to accomplish objectives; ways that from their viewpoints are equally “right” and just as valuable as your way.

You are most often the go-to person that others seek out when they need someone to create and implement new systems, processes, and procedures. When you’re not filling that role, it’s important to respect and appreciate the processes put forth by others without booming inflexible.

If your WHY is doing things the Right Way, you do well in relationships where trust is established and rules and systems are followed. You like specifics decided upon and standards that are stuck to. You are predictable, safe, and you can be counted on to do what you say you will do. You are typically on-time (5 minutes early is late!), show up ready to go, and will have a schedule you want to follow if you are to have the best time possible. 

You like structured vacations where things are planned in advance, and you tend to know what you want (and don’t want). You are good at decision making, so you don’t hem and haw about what you’re going to do tonight. Once you’ve decided, everyone else is along for the ride! You typically don’t like spontaneity, and you much prefer following the plan and sticking to what you know will bring you a consistent and predictable evening, something you’re satisfied with even if that means you’ll miss out on a new opportunity.

You are a wonderful person to have on the team that is struggling with getting things done on time and in a predictable manner. You create structure out of chaos and bring life to ideas that have been brainstormed; however, you need to be careful to clarify expectations when included in group planning sessions, and be sure to understand whether the team plans to brainstorm without actually taking action on the ideas presented. You naturally want to take the ideas and implement them, but that isn’t always what the team intends!

You do great with new challenges because you will research the right way to do what is needed and then put it together in a way that will work. You could be considered the “HOW” team member because you are all about working out the process of how to get things done. You don’t tend to worry about the WHY, as you feel that it has already been decided and it is now time to simply get things done.

As a parent, you are good at creating a clear path for your kids to follow, and you know this path will lead to success! When the kid follows the chosen path, all is good. They will gets results, and you feel valued for the help you have given. This usually works very well when the child is young.

However, children rarely follow what parents want them to do as they get older. You may find that you often feel let down and upset, thinking (and even saying) things like “That’s not how we do it!” This attitude can put more pressure on your children to live up to your standards, which may lead to the breakdown of your relationship when the kids want to spread their wings and fly their own way. If the relationship isn’t damaged too much during this period of growth the children usually come back around and being to appreciate the wisdom of the Right Way!

Right Way people are wonderful to have on your team – in fact, many of the best companies we’ve worked with have at least one Right Way team members. That’s because you take ideas and “talk” and make them real by building the structure needed to actually implement them. You know how to create systems and will follow up in order to get results. Every team needs a Right Way person like you in their business. If your WHY is Right Way, think about careers where you can create structure, processes, systems, and results for people – you will love a career that prizes you for doing exactly this!

Financial Planner, Lawyer, Dentist, Military Personnel, Manager, Engineer, Statistician, Doctor, and Surveyor are all possible positions you would excel in. There are many more possibilities for a Right Way person; however, you must always be in places where your team and organization value systems-based thinking and a strong focus on getting results.

Phrases Right Way People Say:

"This is how it should be done right."
"Stick with what works."
"I know the right way to do that."
"Predictable. Consistent. Reliable."
"Follow the System."
"It's about the Results."

Phrases that Describe You:

To the Point.
Easily Upset.

Does this feel like you?

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