Knowing your WHY helps you stand out from everyone else that does what you do.


Start by discovering your WHY below to get the first step to clarity in under 5-minutes. Already taken it? Time to discover your HOW and WHAT

I need to discover my WHYI need to discover my HOW & WHAT

Discover your WHY in about 5 minutes for just $47

How does it work?

To discover your WHY, we drive you through roughly 1500 question choices however you will only have to answer about 10 to 12 questions to discover your WHY. Each answer uses logic to give you the right next question while it triple checks your answers to reveal your specific WHY based on what drives you.

You’ll receive immediate access to a results page that includes:

  • Your WHY

  • WHY summary and video explanation

  • Breakdown of your WHY’s characteristics, challenges, solutions, and relational factors

  • Common phrases your WHY would say as well as what people would say about you

  • Famous people who share your WHY

In addition, you’ll receive a one-time SPECIAL OFFER to complete the entire Personal WHY+HOW+WHAT so that you not only know WHY you do what you do but also HOW you take action and WHAT others can count on from you!

Invest $47 in discovering your WHY today and watch your future unfold.

When people discover their WHY, they stand differently.
They hold themselves differently-they know.


Your WHY is your core motivation, it’s
that feeling you get when what you’re
doing is ecactly what you want to
be doing.


HOW is the processes you use to live out
your WHY. How we do that is by making
things clear and understandable.


AND your WHAT is defined by what you
do or being. What we are bring are simple yet
powerful solutions to help you move

Know your WHY


We are driven first and foremost by survival. It’s our most basic and primitive need. When we figure out what gives us the best chance to survive, we repeat that behavior.It becomes our WHY-why we do what we do. After a while, it becomes our programming or hardwiring and runs us for the rest of our lives.

Personal WHY Brand

Discovering your WHY is a critical first step in finding out your WHY Brand. Then comes the Personal WHY+HOW+WHAT course.


The Business WHY Formula Workshop is an online course to help you define WHY your organization does what it does, HOW you do what you do, and WHAT the organization does or brings.


Your brand is only as strong as your WHY. That is where our expertise comes in. To help you discover your WHY, and move your brand forward faster with specialized keynote speaking and workshops.


Dr. Gary Sanchez has worked
with many types of clients, from
school districts to Fortune 500
companies, and has seen
powerful results from groups
both big and small. The founder
of the WHY Institute, Dr. Sanchez
is passionate about sharing what
he has experienced and creating
real change for groups of many
sizes – from large conferences to
small teambuilding workshops.

“I don’t think the value of
knowing our personal WHY
can be understated”

Steve Maestas

CEO Maestas Development Group and
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

5-Minutes and You Will Know WHY

That’s all it takes. Discovering your WHY is designed to quickly identify which of the 9 WHYs aligns most with you. Each question allows our system to analyze what your core motivation and driving force is-so you can get clear, stand out, and play big.

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