Everyone knows when they were born.
Only a lucky few find out WHY.


Before you do anything else in your life or business, you need to know your WHY. Discover yours today – this essential first step takes less than 5 minutes! 


Already taken it? Discover your HOW & WHAT next!

Discover my WHYDiscover my HOW & WHAT

5 Minutes. $47 Dollars. Know Your WHY.

Your WHY. Discovered. Right NOW.

You have to know your WHY first. It’s the essential first step that must be taken before you pick a career, build your brand, or hire your team. Before you do anything else — Discover Your WHY.

You may feel unsure of how exactly to discover your why and you may be unsure about when you do if it’s actually accurate… and often that process just takes so long to walk through.  So deep down inside there could be this fear- the fear of lack of confidence that you’ve actually discovered your why.

And the fear that maybe you look unsure or you feel frustrated because it takes so long –  the process just drags on and never really ends so you don’t get to do what you really want to do.

This changes everything. Here’s how it works:

You’ll use a revolutionary assessment tool to answer about 10-12 questions (from a curated collection of over 1500 possible options). A one-of-a-kind algorithm uses your answers to select the next question, and also triple checks your responses to ensure that the WHY revealed is truly what drives you. The most amazing part is that it only takes 5 minutes.

When people discover their WHY, they live differently. Meet the WHY+HOW+WHAT.


Your WHY is your core motivation.

It’s that feeling you get when what you’re doing is exactly what you know you’re supposed to be doing. Your WHY is the essential first step to clarity.


Your HOW addresses the processes you use to actually live out your WHY.

Discovering your HOW is the second step to clarity.


Your WHAT is defined by what you do or bring. Your WHAT moves you forward in your business and your life.

Discovering your WHAT is your third step to clarity.

Know your WHY


At our core, we are driven by the need to survive. Once we’ve figured out what gives us the best chance at surviving, we internalize and repeat that behavior. Eventually, it becomes our WHY, and is the answer to the most basic (and important) question we ever ask:

WHY do we do what we do?

 The answer to this question is your WHY, and is part of your programming for the rest of your life!

Personal WHY.os

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear…..YOU! This course is the essential first step in self-awareness.

We’ll start with the discovery of your WHY, which is the critical first step. Develop your Personal WHY+HOW+WHAT so you understand yourself and others “get you”. Learn how to use your Personal WHY+HOW+WHAT to make great decisions, communicate better, and live a life of passion!

Business WHY.os

The Business WHY.os can be completed as an online course OR a live workshop. No matter how you experience it, it is the essential first step in brand awareness. 

Let us help you define WHY your organization does what it does, HOW you do what you do, and WHAT the organization brings to the table. Applying your Business WHY+HOW+WHAT gives you an “unfair advantage” over your competitors.


Your brand is only as strong as your WHY. That is where our expertise comes in. To help you discover your WHY, and move your brand forward faster with specialized keynote speaking and workshops.


Dr. Gary Sanchez has worked
with many types of clients, from
school districts to Fortune 500
companies, and has seen
powerful results from groups
both big and small. The founder
of the WHY Institute, Dr. Sanchez
is passionate about sharing what
he has experienced and creating
real change for groups of many
sizes – from large conferences to
small teambuilding workshops.

“I don’t think the value of
knowing our personal WHY
can be understated”

Steve Maestas

CEO Maestas Development Group and
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Your WHY is the Essential First Step

WHY is your Question. WHY is also your Answer.

Take 5 minutes to quickly discover which of the 9 WHYs most aligns with you. Get clear. Stand out. Play big.

Ask about your WHY