WHY in Life

Don’t change – unleash the real you!


What is a WHY ?

A WHY is more than a temporary motivation. It is more than your reason for losing weight or for working as hard as you do.

Your WHY is what you are compulsive about. It is what you simply can’t stop yourself from doing. It is how you see the world.

Your WHY is your passion, purpose, and it is who you are. 

What is a WHY.os?

A WHY.os is the operating system that drives you – it is your WHY, HOW, and WHAT

You will discover WHY you do what you do, HOW you bring your WHY to life, and WHAT people can ultimately count on from you.

This is the full picture of who you are, your operating system – or “.os”

Which Discovery Is Right For You?

WHY Discovery

For the curious
$ 47
  • WHY Result
  • WHY Detailed Analysis
  • WHY Characteristics, Challenges, Solutions, Relationships, Career Choices
  • Dashboard

Personal WHY.os Online Course

For the Deep Diver
$ 197 + Free Live Virtual Webinar
  • WHY.os Discovery Results
  • WHY, HOW, WHAT Detailed Analysis
  • WHY.os Complete Personalized Dashboard
  • Course Modules to walk you through the history, all of the WHYs, and your results!
  • Course workbook to deep dive into your WHY.os
  • VIP Golden Ticket to a live virtual webinar to ask questions and interpret your WHY.os
  • Customer Support & Team Access

WHY.os Discovery

For the Full Picture
$ 97
  • WHY.os Results (WHY, HOW, and WHAT)
  • WHY, HOW, and WHAT Detailed Analysis
  • WHY.os Complete Personalized Dashboard
  • WHY, HOW, WHAT Downloadable PDFs
  • Learn how to apply your WHY.os
  • Know yourself from the inside out
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