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Dr. Gary Sanchez is an International speaker, author, dentist, and inventor. He is best known as “Dr. WHY” for discovering the 9 WHYs, developing the WHY Discovery Tool, the WHY.os Discovery(WHY Operating System), as the Founder and CEO of the WHY Institute.  Many people talk about the power of knowing your WHY, but Dr. Sanchez took it from concept to reality to application when he created the world’s first WHY Discovery tool to help people accurately and quickly discover their WHY in under 5 minutes. In 2021, WHY Institute launched the WHY.os Discovery which discovers your WHY, HOW, and WHAT and creates your personal brand message for you in under 10 minutes.  

From a successful dentist to now helping hundreds of thousands discover their WHY.os, Dr. Sanchez’s journey shows the impact of understanding and living your WHY.os. He is now on a mission to help 1 Billion people unleash their true self by discovering their WHY.os. 

Dr. Sanchez is a Bestselling author of the book You Had Me at WHY which helps readers deep dive into understanding who they are, strip away their mask to see their real gifts and then equip them to be themselves by living their WHY.os.  

Dr. Sanchez believes that success happens when we find a better way and share it.  HOW he does that is by making things clear and understandable. Ultimately WHAT he brings are simple solutions to help others move forward. He did this for 32 years as a Cosmetic and Sedation Dentist and currently as the CEO of WHY Institute.  

He earned his degree in biology from the University of Colorado in Boulder and his D.D.S. from the University of Southern California. Dr. Sanchez’s favorite saying is “There’s always a better way!”

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From Concept to Reality to Application

  • Concept: Almost every coach, consultant, and guru talks about the power of knowing your WHY. Dr. Sanchez engages your audience through an interactive presentation where they not only understand the power of WHY but also the power of knowing their WHY
  • Reality: They will discover their WHY during the presentation and leave with a tangible understanding of who they are and WHY they do what they do. 
  • Application: Your audience will then learn how to apply their WHY in their personal and business life so they get clear, stand out, and play BIGGER!


Most Requested Speaking Topics

Don't Change, Unleash The Real You!

So often we hear about how we need to change, be better, do better, learn more, or work harder. We don’t need to be anything more than ourselves and unleashing ourselves in the truest form. 

The only way to truly know yourself at your core, understand yourself, and unleash yourself is by knowing your WHY.

We’ve built the worlds first and only WHY discovery tool!

This presentation will give you a tangible way to know yourself, it won’t just be a concept, it will be something you can live, breathe, and UNLEASH! 

Mastering the Operating System That Drives You

The first step in self-awareness is discovering your WHY. The next step is discovering your WHY.os: your WHY, HOW, and WHAT. This will show you WHY you do what you do, HOW you bring your WHY to life, and WHAT people can ultimately count on from you. This is the operating system that drives you.

The audience will uncover their internal motivation and their external message. This goes beyond their WHY and allows for them to articulate who they are to the world in a simple, clear, and powerful way. 

They will leave this presentation with a complete 3D understanding of themselves!

Communicating WHY to WHY

“Do you ever look at someone and wonder…what is going on inside their head?”

This is a transformative communicative topic where you learn how the WHYs communicate. Taking the golden rule to the platinum rule and understanding one another at the core. 

This will change your relationships, professional team, and business. You will know how one another thinks, you will know how to speak to get through to them, you will know why they do what they do. 

You won’t have to rely on hope when it comes to communication. You will know.

Take Your Business To the Next Level with The Power of WHY

Take your business from ME to WE. You will learn the WHY.os of each team member, how to effectively communicate, and how to create an inspired team. Your team will know who they are, who they have on the team and how to perform together at the highest level – it is a transformative experience.

Clarify your business WHY.os so you can confidently and authentically articulate who you are as a business. 

Develop your vision, ideal client, tagline, business creed, business story, and what your business believes – all based on your WHY.os. This becomes the foundation for your external messaging for you so you know what to say to attract the right new clients.


"I came to understand that I have been surviving my whole life, but with this, now I can LIVE!"

Jake Galvan
Marketing Director at Beehive Homes

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