Build your brand based on your WHY

Your brand is only as strong as your WHY. That is where our expertise comes in. To help you discover your WHY, and move your brand forward faster with specialized keynote speaking and workshops.
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We Have Three Goals For Every Audience

Discover your WHY, HOW and WHAT as a brand, team or organization

Use your WHY, HOW and WHAT to create powerful messaging to maximize your work and grow your Brand

Give more value to your customers with your brand and begin to move forward faster


From fogginess, to clarity. That is the power of discovering your Brand's WHY

Dr. Sanchez spent years trying to figure out how to stand out in the crowded marketplace of dentistry. That is when he sought out, learned about, and put into practice the power of knowing his WHY. Using his WHY to market his practice allowed him to go from just getting by, to abundance.

Dr. Sanchez has worked with many types of clients, from school districts to Fortune 500 companies, and has seen powerful results from groups both big and small. As the founder of the WHY Institute, Dr. Sanchez is passionate about sharing his experiences and creating real change for groups of many sizes – from large conferences to small team building workshops.

He has become a recognized leader in high-energy, professional presentations, and would love to talk with you about how the WHY Institute can benefit your business, organization, or event. Your guests will leave with solid, resourceful information in an entertaining format.

We’re Not Big on Talking.

We’re Here to Get Stuff Done.

And that’s why Dr. Gary’s keynote is treated like a workshop – no matter the size of your audience. Seriously, from 20-2,000 people the entire presentation is interactive. With our technology, your audience can engage with discovering their Personal WHY Formula – WHY they do what they do, HOW they bring that to life, and WHAT they bring to every situation – and immediately know how to apply that to their Business. Gary shares his business challenges and road to getting clear so he could stand out and play big in the marketplace.

Hear Dr. Gary Sanchez speak about the importance of your WHY

Hear Dr. Gary Sanchez speak about the importance of your WHY

Hear What RJon Robins, Founder and CEO of  How to Manage a Small Lawfirm, Has to Say

What to expect in a WHY Brand workshop or keynote

Discover your WHY so you see your brands gifts and what makes you unique in the market.

Learn how to use your Brand’s WHY to create powerful messaging that will increase your Brands impact.

Discover your WHY, HOW and WHAT and gain an “unfair advantage” over your competitors.

Discover exactly what to say to attract your ideal client – develop your WHY Brand messaging formula!

Leave completely equipped to move your brand, organization and team forward faster.

What people have to say about Dr. Gary Sanchez

“Nusenda Credit Union employees had the pleasure of experiencing Dr. Gary Sanchez’s presentation on the importance of learning our personal WHY. Gary’s presentation was insightful, intriguing, and was immensely valuable for our employee’s personal and professional growth.

He delivered a thought-provoking and interactive message that was powerful and still has our staff talking and asking each other to share their WHYs. His message helps audiences understand their purpose and elevated both team comradery and team engagement. He is simply the very best in his field of work and audiences of all levels will walk away with value-added, personal and professional insights. ”

- Julie Fisher, AVP Training and Employee Development Nusenda Credit Union

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