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If you've experienced..

  • The feeling of wondering “how will I stand out when there’s so many other people out there doing what I’m doing?”
  • Taking multiple sessions to build a client relationship, only for them to part ways before you even got to help them
  • The difficulty of trying to discover a client’s WHY
  • Frustration when client results don’t align with expectations
  • Taking too long to figure out that you have the wrong client

If you want...

  • A quick and simple way to know your clients in under 8 minutes
  • A software that helps you stand out and differentiate your offerings from the rest in the market
  • A proven and predictable way to discover your clients’ WHY.os
  • To attract even more of the right clients 
  • Your client’s to gain more fulfillment, clarity, and purpose through a process you can now use to discover and activate their WHY.os

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1. Schedule Your Free Demo

Pick a date and time that works for you to see the WHY.os Activator dashboard in action.

2. Master the 9 WHYs

Deep dive into the WHYs, learn their characteristics, challenges, solutions, and how they work together.

3. Unlock Your WHY.os Activator Dashboard

Send WHY and WHY.os Discoveries in less than 15 seconds. See client profiles, and unlock all your free resources.

4. Discover and Activate Clients' WHYs

So You Can Grow Your Business While Making a Major Impact on People's Lives

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When You Become a WHY.os Activator you get:

Rapid WHY Discovery 

Mastery of the 9 whys

Dive deep into the WHY.os framework and gain expertise in the 9 WHYs, enhancing your ability to tailor your approach for each client.

A method and a tool to expand your services

Learn how to conduct impactful Team WHY.os workshops and WHY Activation sessions, adding valuable dimensions to your coaching practice and new offers you can now sell starting from $250 for a session or $2,500 – $5,000 for a team WHY.os.

The WHY.os Activator Toolkit

A collection of tailorable slide decks, checklists, and versatile templates so you can streamline your preparation and enhance your coaching sessions, saving time and improving client interactions.

Continuous Support and Growth


bi-Monthly Q&A Sessions

Stay updated and get your questions answered with our expert-led Bi-Monthly sessions, covering topics from marketing strategies to overcoming common WHY.os coaching challenges.


Exclusive community access

Join our network of like-minded coaches and Certified WHY.os Activators and engage in a community that is here to make an Impact, collaborate, grow, and support.


Dedicated why success support

Benefit from guidance and support with your own WHY Success Manager, a dedicated team member to assist you in maximizing the program’s potential.


25 Free WHY.os Codes

Kickstart your practice with 25 free discoveries (worth $2,500).

Annual Invite to WHYcon 2024

Where WHY.os Certified Activators will meet to learn, grow, and connect.

3 Live Monthly Workshops

Attend workshops with Dr. Gary on Monetization, Messaging, and Team WHY.os.

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Exclusive Bonus of the Day:

Join by 7.30.2024, and gain access to an exclusive vault from WHY-Con (valued at $1200).

WHY.os Certification FAQs

The WHY.os Certification course is a flexible and self-paced online training that allows you to tailor your learning experience to your unique needs. While the course length may vary depending on the level of intentionality you bring to your studies, investing time and effort into the course content will yield significant benefits. On average, most students complete the course within 10-20 hours, equipping them with the tools and resources needed to become certified WHY.os Activators.

During the training, you’ll experience a dynamic mix of engaging presentations, interactive activities, and meaningful discussions. The primary focus of the training will be on interpreting the WHY and WHY.os Discovery results, while also providing you with additional insights and tools to enhance productivity, communication, and performance. Ultimately, this training will enable you to help others discover their unique WHY and WHY.os independently, empowering them through self-discovery to achieve greater success and fulfillment.

With the coach dashboard, you’ll have the flexibility to send WHY and WHY.os Discoveries to your clients as needed, while keeping all the data neatly organized and easily searchable in one centralized location. You’ll also have complete access to your clients’ results, coaching resources, and other valuable tools to help you provide a more personalized coaching experience that meets the unique needs of each client. The dashboard provides an efficient and streamlined approach to managing your clients’ progress and delivering exceptional value to their coaching journey.

While there are many paths to self-discovery, the WHY Discovery is a crucial first step in the journey towards greater self-awareness. By combining the insights gained from the WHY and WHY.os Discoveries with other assessment tools, you can create a powerful framework for personal and professional growth. Rather than replacing other assessments, the WHY and WHY.os Discoveries serve as a complement, enriching the coaching experience and deepening the impact on both your clients’ lives and your relationship with them.

  • Personalized coach dashboard for sending and receiving WHY and WHY.os Discoveries
  • Networking with a community of like-minded coaches passionate about transformational change
  • Three free workshops on Messaging, Monetizing, and conducting a Team WHY.os
  • Monthly coach calls for ongoing support and guidance
  • Access to valuable resources including slide decks, worksheets, one-pagers, and more
  • Continued education opportunities to stay up-to-date with the latest research and techniques in the field
  • Annual recertification event for coaches to network, share insights, and deepen their understanding of the WHY.os and its methodology.

Becoming certified in WHY.os can help you grow your coaching business by differentiating yourself from other coaches and attracting more clients who believe what you believe.

As a WHY.os Certified Professional, you will have exclusive access to our monthly coaching calls with various guests. These calls offer a unique opportunity to receive updates, ask questions, share experiences, celebrate successes, and grow as a community of like-minded individuals committed to transformational change.

In addition, you will be invited to join our private Mighty Networks group where you can connect with fellow WHY.os Certified Professionals, share insights and resources, and build meaningful relationships.

As a WHY.os Certified Professional, you have the freedom to set your own pricing strategy based on your unique business model and goals.

Our top-performing WHY.os Certified Professionals leverage their unique backgrounds and expertise to provide exceptional service to their clients, while seamlessly integrating WHY Institute’s tools and resources into their solutions. Upon certification, you will have access to comprehensive training and a wealth of materials on how to generate leads and effectively present WHY Institute to your prospects and clients, helping you grow your business and achieve your goals.

Please see our Recertification Policy PDF for more information.

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