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Willpower fades. WHY-power transforms.

We've built the world's first and only WHY Discovery tool and now it is your chance to use it with the world!

Are you that coach?

You believe WHY is the first step in self awareness.

You want a tool that’s fast, clear, easy, and accurate. You want to save time and make sure you get their WHY right.

You want to know your clients at a deeper level and be an expert on WHY.

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What Will This Impact?


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  • Know Yourself
  • Understand Others
  • Live Your Passion
  • Know Your Passion
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Communicate Better


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  • Get Clear: Internal Motivation and External Message
  • Stand Out: Know what makes you unique
  • Play BIGGER: Play to your strengths, get noticed, and make a bigger impact

Bottom Line

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  • Save time
    • 5 minutes to WHY
    • Get to what you do best faster
  • Get Accurate Results
    • Practical. Proven. Process.
  • Close More Sales
    • Effortlessly convert prospects into clients

What Does Certification Look Like?

You will receive a certification workbook to follow along with the online course. The course will contain videos, quizzes, and interactive materials. 

Once you’ve completed the course you will have your own coach dashboard where you can send WHY and WHY.os Discoveries, review your clients’ profiles and their results, get access to coach resources, and more! 

You will also be invited to our monthly coach calls where we will cover various topics with our Founder and CEO, Dr. Gary Sanchez.


The WHY.os Certification course is a self-paced online training. The more intentional you are within the course the longer it may take but the more resourceful it will be. It typically takes 10-20 hours to complete the course.

The training will include a dynamic mix of presentations, activities and discussions of WHY Institute, products and applications for business and individual use. We will focus on how to interpret the WHY and WHY.os Discovery results and provide additional information to enhance productivity, communication and performance. You will be able to help others Discover Their WHY and WHY.os independently and help them through self-discovery. 

The coach dashboard is where you will have the ability to send WHY and WHY.os Discoveries to your clients as you choose. It will keep all of the data for you in an easily searchable and organized manner. You will have access to all of your client’s results, coach resources, and more! 

  • While there are other paths to self-discovery the WHY Discovery is the first step in the journey of self-awareness.
  • Having the WHY and WHY.os will be a tool you can use in combination with other assessments.
  • It is not about replacing other assessments with the WHY and WHY.os Discoveries but using them together. The  discoveries are a perfect complement and enhances the impact on your clients life and your relationship with the client.

You will receive access to the full library of WHY Institute’s agent support materials, giving you everything you need to serve your clients (internal or external) from day one. Once Certified, you have the ability to offer WHY Institute based goods and services to your clients and prospects.

There are monthly WHY.os Certified Professionals coaching calls ran by our Founder and CEO. Here we will present updates, answer questions, talk about our learned experiences, share in one another’s wins, and grow as a WHY Society community. 

You will also be invited to our LinkedIn group where you can get to know your fellow WHY.os Certified Professionals. 

There will be an annual WHY.os Certified Professionals event held each year to learn, grow, connect, and live your WHY.os!

Not directly. WHY Institute has a page on their website that will direct users and clients to a directory of all WHY.os Certified Professionals where they will get; first name, last name, email, and business information.

You are free to price your services in the way that makes the most sense for your particular business model.

Our most successful WHY.os Certified Professionals use their backgrounds and expertise to serve their clients. They then integrate WHY Institute’s offerings into the solutions they offer to prospects and clients. Once Certified, you will have access to training and materials on how to generate leads and present WHY Institute to your prospects and clients.

In addition to the initial Certification session cost, WHY Institute Annual Membership renewal is $750. Annual Membership includes use of WHY Institute Certified Logo, marketing collateral, access to your WHY.os Certified Dashboard with supplemental coaching and consulting materials and access to live and on-demand training. We want to help you grow your current business and to utilize the WHY and WHY.os Discoveries for further growth at your own pace. With that the WHY Institute does not require WHY.os Certified Professionals to purchase a certain amount of product or generate a certain amount in revenue each year. If you ATTEND the Annual WHY.os Certified Professionals Event, you may receive a discount on your annual renewal fee. 

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