Business WHY.os

Get Clear. Stand Out. Play BIGGER.

Define WHY you do what you do, HOW you tell the world what you believe in, and WHAT you ultimately bring to them.

Get Clear on Your Foundation

WHY: To understand who you are and how you align as a team. Understanding WHY you do what you do, HOW you bring that to the world, and WHAT your customers can count on from you. To develop your external message so you attract the right clients to your business. 

HOW: Discover each team member’s WHY.os so you know how you best fit together. Develop your Business WHY.os and your Business Story. Apply your Business WHY.os to your external messaging.

WHAT: You and your executives attend a two full-day interactive workshop to become internally aligned and learn how to articulate your message externally. 

What Other Businesses Are Saying

The Two-Day Workshop

During this two day workshop you will be understanding your team and articulating your business like never before. 

You will leave with tangible workbooks that will consist of discovering each team member’s WHY.os, the WHY.os of your company (WHY you do what you do, HOW you tell the world what you believe in, and what you will ultimately bring to the world and to your potential clients or buyers). 

You will redefine your business based on WHY, hone in on a vision, articulate your business story, define your ideal client, what they really want, your “we believe” statements, WHY tagline, Business Creed, and more! 

This will change your company from the inside out!

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Day 1

Internal Alignment

  • Uncover Your WHY.os: A journey to heightened self-awareness
  • Understanding Your Team: How each member thinks and fits
  • Establishing Direction: Applying your WHY.os to guide your business
  • Developing Your Business WHY.os: Crafting a clear purpose
  • Designing Internal Communication: Aligning your team with your WHY.os
  • Finding Your Business WHO: Identifying your ideal customer based on your WHY.os 
  • Creating Your Business Story: Building emotional connections with clients through your WHY.os
Day 2

External Messaging

  • Develop Your Business’ Message with a Strong Foundation in Your WHY
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Business’ WHY Vision
  • Understanding Your Ideal Client’s Needs to Craft the Right Message for Effective Marketing
  • “We Believe” Statements: Attracting clients who share your values
  • Crafting a Powerful and Memorable Tagline Alined with Your WHY
  • Creating and Sharing Your WHY Business Creed: A Guide to Inspiring Your Prospects

Ready to Unlock Your Business WHY.os?