WHY in Business

We believe clarity is king and the clearer you are, the faster and further you go!

Team WHY.os vs Business WHY.os

Team WHY.os is dipping your toe in the water of the full Business WHY.os. You will internally understand your team, discovering their WHY.os and how you work together, how to communicate, and how to be the best team you can be. 

Business WHY.os includes the Team WHY.os but with so much more. You will go into your business messaging, vision, tagline, how to market yourself based on what you believe, and completely re-do your business from the inside out. 

What is Certification?

If you want the ability to use the WHY and WHY.os Discoveries with clients, with a school, with your company, with hiring, with anyone – this is your chance! 

Certification is an online, self-paced training course where you will learn the history of WHY, the brain biology behind it, each of the 9 WHYs in depth, how to use it with family, business, and more! 

You will receive your own WHY.os Certified Professionals dashboard to have their results on the fly. This is a great tool to add to your tool belt.

Where Should Your Business Start?

Get your team on the same page with Team WHY.os or go for the full Business WHY.os and soar.

Take your business to the next level and out perform your competitors.  

Team Why.os

Internal alignment
  • Discover your WHY.os
  • Identify how your team fits together
  • Design your internal communication
  • Discover the 9 WHYs, brain biology, articulate your WHY.os to the world and your team
  • Tangible full WHY Matrix of the team
  • Walk away with clarity on how to communicate and become a well-oiled machine.

business why.os

Internal alignment & External Messaging
In addition to everything Team WHY.os:
  • Develop your Business WHY.os
  • Learn how to find your Business WHO based on your WHY
  • Connect emotionally with your clients by creating your business story
  • Build your business' message
  • Create your business vision
  • Create "we believe" statements
  • Build a remarkable tagline
  • Create and share your WHY Business Creed