From Ophthalmology to the DJ Booth: 10 Takeaways from Dr. MJ


Guest: Dr. Mitchell Jackson
WHY.os: Better Way – Challenge – Trust

In this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, host Dr. Gary Sanchez sits down with the multifaceted Dr. Mitchell Jackson (DJ MJ), a board-certified ophthalmologist and professional DJ. Dr. Jackson, known for his pioneering work in cataract and refractive surgery, has performed over 50,000 LASIK procedures and introduced innovative treatments like LipiFlo for dry eye syndrome. Beyond his medical career, he captivates audiences as a DJ, performing at major clubs and events, and sharing stages with renowned DJs like Cascade and Zed. His story is one of dedication, innovation, and resilience, making him an inspiring figure in both the medical and music industries.

  • Discover Dr. MJ’s motivation to become an eye surgeon and how his father’s vision problems influenced his career choice.
  • Learn how Dr. MJ balances his demanding career as an ophthalmologist with his passion for DJing.
  • Hear about Dr. MJ’s innovative contributions to ophthalmology and his involvement in FDA clinical trials.

Tune in to hear Dr. MJ’s inspiring journey and uncover valuable insights on balancing multiple passions and excelling in diverse fields. Listen to the full episode now!


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02:15 – Dr. Mitchell Jackson’s Background
05:45 – Motivation to Become an Eye Surgeon
09:30 – Innovation in Ophthalmology
13:10 – Dual Career as a DJ
17:25 – Challenges and Resilience
22:50 – Balancing Multiple Roles
27:40 – Community Involvement
32:05 – Public Speaking and Recognition
37:20 – Future Goals and Aspirations



Discovering Dr. MJ’s WHY: Balancing Vision and Vibes

Ever wondered how someone can excel in both medicine and music? Meet Dr. Mitchell Jackson (aka DJ MJ), a renowned ophthalmologist and professional DJ, who does just that. In this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, host Dr. Gary Sanchez sits down with Dr. MJ to explore his inspiring journey. From pioneering eye surgeries to lighting up the DJ booth, Dr. MJ’s story is a testament to innovation, resilience, and living one’s WHY. Let’s dive into the highlights and lessons from this incredible episode.

Dr. Mitchell Jackson is not your typical eye surgeon. He’s a board-certified ophthalmologist, known for performing over 50,000 LASIK procedures and introducing cutting-edge treatments like LipiFlo for dry eye syndrome. But there’s more to him than meets the eye – he’s also a professional DJ, spinning tracks at major clubs and events. Dr. MJ’s dual career is a fascinating blend of precision and passion, making him an inspiring figure in both fields.

The Motivation Behind Medicine: Family First

Dr. Jackson’s journey into ophthalmology was deeply personal. His father’s vision problems due to bacterial meningitis ignited a passion for eye care in young Mitchell. This personal connection to his work adds a layer of dedication and empathy that’s palpable in his practice. Dr. MJ’s story reminds us that our motivations often stem from personal experiences, driving us to make a difference in ways that truly matter.

Balancing Medicine and Music: The Art of Dual Careers

You might think it’s impossible to juggle a demanding medical career with a thriving DJ career, but Dr. MJ does it with flair. He seamlessly transitions from the operating room to the DJ booth, proving that with passion and time management, one can excel in multiple fields. Dr. MJ’s ability to balance these roles shows us that pursuing diverse passions can lead to a fulfilling and dynamic life.

Innovation in Ophthalmology: Leading the Charge

Dr. MJ is a trailblazer in the field of eye care. His contributions to ophthalmology, including participating in numerous FDA clinical trials, highlight his commitment to advancing medical science. His innovative treatments have not only improved patient outcomes but also set new standards in the industry. Dr. MJ’s work exemplifies how staying ahead of the curve and embracing innovation can drive significant advancements in any field.

Overcoming Challenges: Resilience in Action

Life hasn’t been a smooth ride for Dr. Jackson. From personal losses to professional challenges, he has faced and overcome numerous obstacles. His resilience and ability to push forward despite these hardships are truly inspiring. Dr. MJ’s journey underscores the importance of resilience and adaptability in achieving long-term success.

Community Involvement: Giving Back

Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Jackson is committed to giving back to the community. He supports various foundations, including the Gary Sinise Foundation and the Jason Mendez Fight Blindness Foundation. His dedication to philanthropy highlights the importance of using one’s success to make a positive impact on society.

Public Speaking and Recognition: Sharing Expertise

Dr. Jackson’s expertise extends beyond the operating room. He’s a keynote speaker at international symposiums, where he shares his knowledge and experiences. This role allows him to educate and inspire others, further amplifying his impact. Dr. MJ’s public speaking engagements emphasize the value of sharing knowledge and inspiring the next generation.

Future Goals: Vision for Tomorrow

As Dr. Jackson approaches retirement, he continues to set new goals, both in medicine and music. His plans to expand his DJ career to New York and Las Vegas while maintaining high standards in his medical practice showcase his forward-thinking mindset. Dr. MJ’s future goals remind us that it’s never too late to pursue new passions and set ambitious targets.

Personal Motivation: Living His WHY

Dr. Jackson’s life and career are driven by a profound sense of purpose. His WHY – to provide vision and joy – is evident in both his medical practice and DJ career. This alignment of personal and professional motivations creates a fulfilling and impactful life. Dr. MJ’s story illustrates the power of discovering and living your WHY.

Achievements in Medicine: A Legacy of Excellence

Dr. MJ’s contributions to ophthalmology have earned him numerous accolades. His recognition as a top doctor in Chicago reflects his excellence and dedication to patient care. These achievements underscore the importance of striving for excellence and leaving a lasting legacy in your field.

The Power of Passion: Fueling Success

Whether in the operating room or behind the DJ booth, Dr. MJ’s passion is evident. This passion not only fuels his success but also inspires those around him. Dr. MJ’s journey shows us that passion is a critical component of success and fulfillment in any endeavor.

Dr. Mitchell Jackson’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of pursuing your passions and living your WHY. From groundbreaking medical innovations to captivating DJ performances, Dr. MJ’s journey offers valuable lessons in resilience, innovation, and balance. Don’t miss this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast to learn more about how Dr. MJ balances vision and vibes. Tune in now!


About Dr. Mitchell Jackson

Dr. Mitchell Jackson, is a board-certified ophthalmologist and a true pioneer in cataract and refractive surgery. As the Founder and Medical Director of Jacksoneye, Dr. Jackson has performed over 30,000 LASIK procedures since its FDA approval, even experiencing LASIK firsthand to offer a unique patient perspective.

Dr. Jackson’s expertise extends beyond surgery; he’s actively involved in numerous FDA clinical trials and has introduced cutting-edge treatments like LipiFlow™ for Dry Eye Syndrome. Recognized as a top doctor in Chicago and a keynote speaker at international symposiums, Dr. Jackson’s dedication to advancing ophthalmology is unmatched. Beyond his professional achievements, he’s also a DJ, known as DJMJ, performing for Live Nation and supporting foundations like the Gary Sinise Foundation and Jason Mendez Fight Blindness Foundation.


The Better Way to Face Fear and Succeed: 10 Lessons from Dr. Betty Uribe


Guest: Dr. Betty Uribe
WHY.os: Better Way – Make Sense – Contribute

In this episode of Beyond Your WHY, Dr. Gary Sanchez talks with Dr. Betty Uribe, a top business leader and author, known for her transformative approach to leadership and personal development. Dr. Betty’s WHY is finding a Better Way, which drives her mission to help others succeed through innovative and effective strategies.

  • Overcome Fear: Learn how to face and move through fear to achieve success.
  • Intentional Living: Discover the importance of aligning your actions with your core values for a fulfilling life.
  • Authentic Leadership: Gain insights into leading with authenticity and the impact it has on building trust and inspiring others.

Tune in to hear Dr. Betty’s valuable insights and start applying these lessons to your own life. Listen to the full episode now!

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05:20 – Relationship with Fear
10:45 – Holistic Approach to Life
15:30 – Sustainable Leadership
20:15 – Intentional Living
25:50 – Impact of Authenticity
30:40 – Advice on Risk-Taking
35:25 – Focus and Presence
40:10 – Elevating Others
45:55 – Importance of Core Values
50:30 – Legacy and Succession Planning



Discovering a Better Way with Dr. Betty Uribe: 10 Secrets to Success

Ever feel like there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing? Dr. Gary Sanchez’s podcast, Beyond Your WHY, featuring the incredible Dr. Betty Uribe, might just be what you need to hear. Dr. Betty is a powerhouse in the business world, known for her holistic and innovative approaches to leadership and personal growth. In this episode, she shares her wisdom on finding a better way to live and lead.

Dr. Betty Uribe is a renowned business leader, author, and speaker who has transformed countless lives with her unique approach to leadership and personal development. Her WHY is all about finding a better way, which she embodies in every aspect of her life and work. If you’re looking for actionable insights to elevate your life, Dr. Betty’s expertise is invaluable.

Facing Fear Head-On

One of the standout moments in the episode is Dr. Betty’s discussion on the relationship with fear. She believes that success is directly tied to how we handle fear. Rather than avoiding it, Dr. Betty advocates for facing fear and pushing through it. She shares practical tips on how to confront your fears and use them as stepping stones to success. If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by fear, her insights will give you a fresh perspective.

Living Intentionally

Dr. Betty talks passionately about the importance of living intentionally. She aligns her daily actions with her core values: God, family, job, education, health, and community. This intentional living keeps her focused and driven. Imagine having a clear path and knowing exactly why you do what you do every day. Dr. Betty’s approach to intentional living can help you find that clarity and purpose in your own life.

Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is at the heart of Dr. Betty’s leadership style. She shares how being genuine and open about your experiences can build stronger connections and trust. This authenticity not only makes you relatable but also inspires those around you. If you’re a leader or aspire to be one, Dr. Betty’s advice on authentic leadership is a game-changer.

Practical Advice on Risk-Taking

Taking risks is a big part of Dr. Betty’s success. In the episode, she shares some of the best advice she ever received about diving into challenges headfirst. Her tips on risk-taking are practical and relatable, making them easy to apply to your own life. Whether you’re looking to make a big career move or simply step out of your comfort zone, her guidance will help you take that leap.

The Art of Focus and Presence

In today’s fast-paced world, being present and focused can be challenging. Dr. Betty highlights the importance of being fully engaged in your interactions. Her tips on improving focus and presence are simple yet powerful, helping you make meaningful connections and add value to every conversation.

Elevating Others

Dr. Betty’s mission is to elevate others by helping them align their lives with their core values. She shares strategies on how to inspire and uplift those around you. If you’re looking to make a positive impact on your community or team, her insights on elevating others are incredibly valuable.

Core Values and Success

Living and leading by core values is a recurring theme in Dr. Betty’s teachings. She explains how aligning your actions with your values can lead to sustainable success. This alignment creates clarity and helps you make better decisions. If you’re struggling to find direction, her advice on core values will help you get back on track.

Planning for Legacy and Succession

Dr. Betty also touches on the importance of legacy and succession planning. Many people overlook this aspect, but it’s crucial for long-term success and fulfillment. Her tips on planning for the future will help you create a lasting impact and ensure your life’s work continues to thrive.

Dr. Betty Uribe’s appearance on Beyond Your WHY is packed with insights and practical advice that you can apply to your life today. From overcoming fear to living intentionally and leading authentically, her wisdom is a treasure trove for anyone looking to find a better way.

Ready to transform your life with Dr. Betty’s insights? Listen to the full episode now and start your journey towards a better way of living and leading.

About Dr. Betty Uribe

Dr. Betty® Uribe – Best-selling author and industry expert in leadership

For over two and a half decades, Dr. Betty® has been a catalyst for transformation in business, culture, and individuals, earning her recognition as an esteemed expert in business and culture turnarounds. She brings together academic models, strategic intelligence, corporate experience, and humanitarian efforts to effect positive change.

With a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurial ventures including Real Estate Investments & Renovations, Biomedical Engineering & Manufacturing, Automotive Repair/Maintenance, and Corporate Transformation, Dr. Betty® is a true values-centered leader, blending entrepreneurial, corporate, and academic expertise in Finance, Strategy and Human Behavior. Her unique background enables her to understand various industries, governments, and businesses both nationally and globally.

Dr. Betty® has a passion for educating entrepreneurs and business leaders about generational transfer, as she herself inherited her father’s Transportation Company in her native country of Colombia, South America, a company she ran from the United States while serving as an Executive in Financial Services.

Dr. Betty® is a Fortune Magazine top 50 Most Powerful Latina, globally recognized as a leading expert on values-based leadership and cultural challenges for women and minority leaders. Her techniques create massive, sustainable results and have been shared with governments, corporations, universities, and business leaders globally, who aspire to become transformational leaders.  Dr. Betty® has been featured in trade publications, radio and television media globally, and she is known to grace the global stages in places like Dubai, United Nations, Europe and The Americas.

Her book, #Values – The Secret to Top Level Performance in Business and Life, was endorsed by the Vatican, Stephen Covey Jr., and the Pentagon, and it was named Top 60 Best Business and Leadership Books written by women by Inc. Magazine.

A mother of three, she and her husband reside in Los Angeles, California.

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9 Takeaways from Reef Colman on Living a Purpose-Driven Life: Overcome, Innovate, Succeed


Guest: Reef Colman
WHY.os: Challenge – Mastery – Contribute

In this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, Dr. Gary Sanchez sits down with Reef Colman, an entrepreneur who has overcome significant personal and professional challenges to achieve success. Reef’s story is a testament to resilience and the power of understanding one’s purpose.

  • Learn how Reef turned early life struggles into stepping stones for success.
  • Discover practical tips for building strong business relationships and trust.
  • Get actionable advice on simplifying complex problems to achieve clarity.

Tune in to hear Reef’s inspiring story and gain valuable insights that can help you on your own path to success. Listen now!

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Watch the episode here

04:57 – Early Challenges and Overcoming Adversity
08:05 – High School Experiences
10:18 – Post-High School Journey
24:36 – Starting a Marketing Agency
32:58 – Embracing Failure and Learning from Mistakes
45:01 – Importance of Employee Benefits and Corporate Culture
49:02 – Hiring Process and Finding A-Players
50:23 – Building a Referral-Based Business Model
52:54 – Company Culture and Revolutionary Recruitment Process


10 Game-Changing Tips from Reef Colman: Success Lessons You Can’t Miss

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, few stories are as compelling as that of Reef Colman. From a challenging childhood to significant business success, Reef has navigated numerous obstacles and emerged stronger and wiser. His journey is filled with valuable lessons that can help anyone striving for success. Here’s a closer look at the key takeaways from Reef Colman’s experiences and how you can apply them to your own life.

Turning Struggles into Stepping Stones

Reef Colman’s life wasn’t easy from the start. He faced a multitude of personal and professional challenges, but instead of letting them hold him back, he used them as opportunities for growth. Reef’s story demonstrates the power of resilience. By viewing setbacks as learning experiences, he turned his struggles into stepping stones towards success.

Building Strong Relationships

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, whether personal or professional. Reef emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining trust. He shares practical tips on how to cultivate trust through consistent actions and integrity. This advice is crucial for anyone looking to build strong, lasting relationships.

Simplifying Complex Problems

One of Reef’s standout skills is his ability to break down complex problems into manageable parts. This approach not only makes problems easier to tackle but also leads to clearer and more effective solutions. Reef’s strategy involves identifying the core issue and systematically addressing each component. This method can help anyone achieve greater clarity and efficiency in their problem-solving efforts.

The Power of Mentorship

Throughout his career, Reef has benefited greatly from mentorship. He believes that having a mentor can provide invaluable guidance and support. Mentors can offer new perspectives, share their experiences, and help you avoid common pitfalls. Reef’s advice is to actively seek out mentors who align with your goals and values.

Embracing Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Reef’s success. He is always looking for better ways to do things, whether it’s in business processes or personal development. Reef encourages others to adopt a mindset of continuous improvement and to be open to new ideas and approaches. This innovative mindset can lead to breakthroughs and significant advancements.

Resilience and Learning from Failure

Failure is a natural part of the journey to success, and Reef’s story is a testament to this truth. He has faced many failures but views them as opportunities to learn and grow. Reef’s approach to failure involves analyzing what went wrong, learning from the experience, and applying those lessons to future endeavors. This resilience is crucial for anyone looking to achieve long-term success.

Creating a Purpose-Driven Life

Understanding your purpose, or your “WHY,” can provide a strong sense of direction and motivation. Reef found that knowing his WHY gave him clarity and purpose in his actions. This sense of purpose has been a driving force in his success, and it can be for you too. Finding your WHY involves introspection and a deep understanding of what truly motivates you.

Practical Business Tips

Reef shares actionable advice on building a successful business. One of his key strategies is to develop a referral-based business model. By providing exceptional service and building strong relationships with clients, Reef has created a steady stream of referrals. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of hiring the right people—those who align with the company’s values and culture.

Corporate Culture and Employee Benefits

Creating a positive corporate culture and offering meaningful employee benefits are essential for a thriving business. Reef explains how a supportive and inclusive workplace can lead to higher employee satisfaction and productivity. By investing in your employees’ well-being, you create a motivated and loyal workforce.

Revolutionary Recruitment Process

Reef’s approach to recruitment is innovative and effective. He focuses on finding top talent that not only has the right skills but also fits well with the company culture. His recruitment process involves thorough vetting and a clear understanding of what the company needs. This approach ensures that new hires are a good match and can contribute positively to the team.

Reef Colman’s story is filled with lessons that can help you navigate your own path to success. By applying his insights and strategies, you can overcome obstacles, build stronger relationships, and find your purpose. Whether you’re facing personal challenges or looking to grow your business, Reef’s experiences offer practical guidance that can lead to significant improvements in your life and career.

Ready to apply these game-changing tips to your life? Start by identifying your WHY and building trust in your relationships. Embrace innovation, learn from failures, and seek mentorship. By following Reef Colman’s example, you can achieve clarity, purpose, and success in your endeavors.

About Reef Colman

Reef Colman stands as an inspiring leader, epitomizing innovation and impact through his role as the CEO and Founder of Starting from humble origins, Reef’s journey is a testament to his extraordinary mission of effecting positive change across borders and industries. His brainchild,, is revolutionizing business and empowerment by offering efficient, reliable outsourcing services that pave the way for a more interconnected and sustainable future.

Reef’s distinctiveness lies in his unwavering commitment to a global vision. His strategic leadership not only steers his team and partners towards a shared objective but also envisions a future abundant with opportunities for making a meaningful difference. Beyond the business realm,‘s mission extends to nourishing communities worldwide, redefining success by the lives touched and uplifted. Reef’s journey, from his early days to his transformative role in reshaping the outsourcing landscape, is a testament to the leader he has become today.

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Does Your Coaching Technique Need a Fresh Coat of Paint?


Imagine Gary, a dentist with a flair for the latest gadgets and a resume sparkling with the best training available. Yet, his waiting room remained empty more often than not. The problem? It wasn’t his competence—it was his connection with potential patients. This realization resonates deeply in our roles as coaches. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but even with a toolkit stuffed with the best strategies, if we’re not truly connecting, we’re just treading water. Like Gary, we might be perfectly equipped, yet somehow, we miss the mark in making those essential client connections that drive real change.

Top Signs Your Your Coaching Might Need a Fresh Coat of Paint

1. You’re Digging Deep, But Only Finding Fragments

You’re thorough, you’re committed, and you know the right questions to ask. Yet, you can’t seem to unearth the deep, underlying motivations of your clients. It feels like you’re mining for gold in a river that’s long been panned out. If you’re not getting to the core of why they’re coming to you, it may be time to reevaluate your approach. Perhaps your techniques are technically sound but lack the personal touch or the psychological depth to truly resonate with your clients.

2. Your Client Roster is Thinning

When new clients are few and far between, or when repeat appointments start to decline, it’s an indicator that your coaching approach might not be as engaging or effective as it needs to be. It’s as if the market is gently hinting that your brand of coaching, while once vibrant and sought-after, may now lack the relevance or allure it once had. This is your cue to revitalize your practice, infusing new life and methods into your sessions.

3. Coaching Feels Like a Routine Task

Think back to when each coaching session was exhilarating, filled with discoveries and growth. If those days have given way to monotony, feeling more like routine than inspiration, your passion—and methods—might need reigniting. Coaching should be dynamic and invigorating not just for the client but for you as well. When it starts to feel like clockwork, it’s time to inject some new ideas and passion back into your practice.

4. The Applause Has Quieted

Feedback from your clients can be a goldmine of information. If the enthusiastic reviews have dwindled to polite thanks, it’s a signal that your coaching impact may not be hitting as hard as before. This diminishing feedback is often the first sign that your influence is waning, prompting a need for introspection and perhaps a shift in how you engage, motivate, and inspire your clients.

Why the Old Approaches Don’t Resonate Anymore

What worked well in the past doesn’t always stand the test of time. Just as technology evolves, so do the needs and expectations of our clients. Our coaching strategies must evolve too, to stay relevant and effective. Sticking to old maps while the terrain has shifted will only lead us astray; hence, continuous learning and adaptation are crucial.

Is Now The Perfect Time For A New Beginning?

The right time to adopt new strategies is when you recognize that your current methods aren’t producing the results they used to. This isn’t just about keeping up—it’s about staying ahead and continually finding better ways to connect and support your clients. It’s about being proactive, not reactive, and ensuring your coaching methods grow and evolve with the times.

Meet The Newest Advancement In Personal Discovery Tech

WHY.os is like discovering GPS after years of navigating with a paper map. It cuts through the noise and hones in on what really drives people: their WHY, HOW, and WHAT. This innovative tool doesn’t just add to your coaching arsenal—it transforms it, allowing you to reach deeper into the client’s psyche than ever before, and in doing so, revitalize both your practice and their lives.

Giving your coaching methods a makeover with something like WHY.os can bring back the spark and effectiveness to your sessions. It’s about more than keeping pace; it’s about setting the pace and ensuring that what you bring to the coaching table is as fresh and effective as the day you started. So, if you’re ready to stop treading water and start making waves again, it’s time to try on some new tools and see just how deep the changes can go.

Click here to learn about how you can become WHY.os Certified!


From Near-Death to Full Life: 6 Insights on Turning Crisis and Addiction into Opportunity


Guest: Kellan Fluckiger
WHY.os: Contribute – Challenge – Better Way

In this week’s episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, we meet Kellan Fluckiger, who shares his inspiring story of overcoming personal obstacles and finding his true purpose. Having faced severe challenges including depression and self-destructive behaviors, Kellan offers an honest look at his path to self-discovery and how understanding his “WHY” changed his life.

  • Learn about the impact of self-awareness on personal recovery and growth.
  • Discover practical strategies for turning life’s lowest points into opportunities for success.
  • Gain insights into how speaking openly about struggles can help others.

Don’t miss this powerful episode! Tune in to hear Kellan Fluckiger’s incredible story and learn how you can apply these lessons to your own life. Listen now and start moving towards a more fulfilled and successful you!

Connect with Kellan!


Watch the episode here


07:15 – Personal Struggles and Insights
15:30 – Impact of Realization on Recovery
22:45 – Role of Life-Changing Interventions
29:00 – Professional Growth and Public Speaking
34:20 – Reflections on Life Choices
41:10 – Influences of Beliefs on Personal Life
47:35 – Near-Death Experience
54:00 – Commitment to Helping Others
59:25 – Concluding Thoughts on Empowerment and Hope




How Kellan Fluckiger Turned His Darkest Hours Into His Greatest Strength

Meet Kellan Fluckiger, a remarkable individual whose journey from deep personal struggles to profound self-discovery offers valuable lessons for us all. In a recent heart-to-heart on the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, Kellan opened up about overcoming depression, battling self-destructive behaviors, and ultimately finding his life’s purpose. This isn’t just a story of personal triumph; it’s a roadmap for anyone feeling stuck or lost, packed with actionable insights. So, why should you care? Because Kellan’s experiences might just be flashlight you need to light up your own path.

Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Kellan didn’t have it easy. Battling through the quicksand of depression and self-sabotage, his story could be anyone’s who’s felt like they’re stuck in a loop of despair. The podcast dives into how Kellan’s realization of his destructive patterns marked the turning point in his life. It’s the real, raw kind of chat that makes you sit up and listen.

Self-Awareness Leads to Growth

Understanding the roots of your struggles is step one. Kellan’s journey emphasizes the power of self-awareness and how it can be the first step towards a better you.

Strategies for Turning Lows into Opportunities: Ever felt like every day is a rerun of the last? Kellan’s been there, crying over salads—metaphorically and maybe literally. He shares practical steps for transforming life’s lowest points into springboards for success. It’s about finding silver linings and sewing them into a parachute.

Embrace the Lows as Lessons

Every low point holds a lesson. Kellan’s approach shows us how to spot those lessons and use them to forge a path forward.

The Power of Open Dialogue: Talking helps—more than you might think. Kellan discusses the power of speaking up about one’s struggles. It’s not just about venting; it’s about connecting and healing. Think of it as therapy without the couch.

Sharing is Part of Healing

Opening up about your challenges can set you and others on a path to recovery. It’s like saying, “Hey, I’ve been there too,” and suddenly, you’re not alone.

Kellan Fluckiger’s story is more than just a podcast episode; it’s a lesson in human resilience and the transformative power of self-discovery. If his story struck a chord with you, imagine what embracing your WHY could do for your life. Tune into this episode of Beyond Your WHY Podcast, and start discovering the tools to build a more fulfilled and successful you. And remember, in Kellan’s words, the darkest hours often lead to the brightest beginnings. Ready to turn your lights on?

Remember, if Kellan can do it, so can you—why not start today?

Discover your WHY.os now for 50% off! Click here to purchase today or visit to learn more!

If you love the show, please don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a review and rating on whatever platform you are using. Thank you so much for being here. I will see you in the next episode.


About Kellan Fluckiger

Coming through decades of depression, addictions, life-threatening illness and a near-death experience, Kellan Fluckiger has become the ultimate catalyst to help motivated people melt barriers, move mountains and mobilize superpowers to achieve their true desires. As a coach and keynote speaker, Kellan’s masterful approach helps people get past old stories, change beliefs and create a life context to reach even goals that seemed impossible.
Kellan had a 30-year career in the energy industry/C-Suite Positions in US & Canada.
Since 2007 Kellan has been a coach, author and motivational speaker.
With 19 Books Published, Kellan’s goal this year is to help 250 Million People discover who they really are and to live and create from that infinite possibility


Top Coaching Certification Programs of 2024: Discover the Ideal Match for Your Coaching Phase and Desired Client Outcomes


If you’ve landed here that means you’re either an aspiring coach or one looking to level up their skills. Either way, welcome! Jumping into the coaching scene is super exciting—it’s your chance to really make a difference and help others shine. But here’s the deal: before you dive headfirst, picking the right certification program is super important. Think of it as your first big step. It really sets up how skilled you’ll be, how much people will trust you, and what your future in coaching looks like.

So, you’re in the right place.

We’re about to take a closer look at all the different coaching certification programs out there. Why bother? Because they’re not one size fits all! And knowing what each one offers is key to finding the one that fits what you want to do. Whether you’re dreaming of helping people live their best life, leading teams to success, or guiding folks in their careers, the perfect training program for you is out there.

We’re here to help you figure it all out, breaking down what you need to know, and getting you started on the right path. It’s all about finding the right match for your coaching style and goals.

Think of this guide as your go-to resource, whether you’re just getting started or you’re already coaching and want to check out other options or add-ons. Let’s kick off this journey together and find your path to being an amazing coach!

Let’s Get You To the Right Spot:

Choosing the right program:

Choosing the right certification program

If you’re on the hunt for the right coaching certification program, it’s all about making a smart choice that lines up with your ambitions, your learning style, and yes, your budget. So, where should you start with so many options out there? Let’s dive into what really matters.

First up, accreditation. It’s like a seal of approval that says, “Yep, this program is the real deal.” It means they’re sticking to the high standards of quality and giving you the robust training you signed up for.

Then, there’s the curriculum. You’re not here for a light skim, right? You want the deep dive into all things coaching—from the nuts and bolts of coaching methodologies to the nitty-gritty of ethics and how to actually make a difference in your clients’ lives. This is where the magic happens, where you learn to turn theory into practice.

Don’t forget about the faculty. These are the folks who will be your guides, mentors, and sometimes your cheerleaders. Their experience, education and expertise matter because they’re the ones who will shape your learning journey and offer those golden nuggets of wisdom you won’t find in textbooks.

Success stories from alumni can also give you a sneak peek into your future. They’re the proof in the pudding, showing you what’s possible and what you might achieve after crossing the finish line of the program.

And, of course, the price tag. While we all wish the best things in life were free, investing in the right program is investing in your future. But it’s got to make sense for you financially, so weigh this one carefully.

In a nutshell, picking the right certification program is about finding your best match—one that aligns with what you’re looking for in your coaching journey and sets you up for to become a certified slam dunk in your career.

Overview of Coaching Certification Types:

life coaching executive coaching career coaching leadership coaching

Now, let’s unpack the different types of coaching certifications out there. Each type is designed with a particular focus in mind, ensuring that whatever area of coaching you’re drawn to, there’s something tailored just for you.

Life Coaching Certifications are your toolkit for empowering individuals to achieve personal growth, tackle challenges, and boost their overall well-being. These certifications are all about mastering the art of motivation, effective communication, and fostering a growth mindset.

For those with a keen eye on the corporate ladder, Executive Coaching Certifications are the key. They’re crafted to refine leadership skills, navigate the complexities of organizational dynamics, and enhance your ability to manage teams and cultivate executive presence.

Career Coaching Certifications offer guidance on navigating career changes, discovering professional strengths, and achieving career milestones. This path covers essential skills such as resume crafting, strategizing job searches, and developing a compelling personal brand.

Lastly, Leadership Coaching Certifications focus on nurturing formidable leadership traits and promoting success within organizations. These programs dive deep into leadership theories, communication techniques, and strategies for building effective teams.

With these distinctions in mind, let’s explore the top coaching certification programs within each of these four categories, helping you carve out a further education path that resonates with your coaching aspirations.

Best Life Coaching Certification Programs

life coaching 2024

Deciding on the right life coaching certification? It’s crucial. Let’s cut through the clutter and spotlight a few programs that really stand out.

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

iPEC is the go-to for diving into energy-based coaching. Offering three ICF-recognized credentials, it sets you up with a robust foundation in understanding personal dynamics and energy. Recognized by key organizations (ICF, HRCI, SHRM, CCE), iPEC is designed for all coaching levels and focuses on their Core Energy Coaching™ methodology and the Energy Leadership Index assessment.


  • ICF Accredited: Ensures high standards and opens professional doors.
  • Energy Focus: Offers a unique take on coaching with a focus on energy.
  • Reputable: Known for quality and has a strong industry standing.


  • Time and Cost: A longer commitment at 9-12 months and might be pricier.
  • Health Coach Institute (HCI) Dual Life and Health Coaching Certification
  • Blending life coaching experience with health and wellness, HCI’s program is for those who aim to cover holistic well-being. It’s a comprehensive pick for integrating life coaching skills with health and wellness insights, from nutrition to stress management.

Health Coach Institute (HCI) Dual Life and Health Coaching Certification

Blending life coaching with health and wellness, HCI‘s program is for those who aim to cover holistic well-being. It’s a comprehensive pick for integrating life coaching skills with health and wellness insights, from nutrition to stress management.


  • Holistic Approach: Covers a wide range of health topics.
  • Framework: Provides a solid model for behavior change and healthy habits.
  • Online and Flexible: Offers ease of learning at your own pace.


  • Health-Focused: The emphasis on health might not align with pure life coaching aspirations.
  • Other Areas: May not fully explore non-health aspects of life coaching.

Coach Training Alliance (CTA)

CTA focuses on turning your coaching skills into a successful business. Its 6-month program marries core coaching skills with business acumen, encouraging you to start working with paying clients even before completion.


  • Business Ready: Ideal for those looking to launch their coaching business.
  • ICF Accredited: Adds credibility to your coaching practice.
  • Real-World Practice: Enables practical experience with clients early on.


  • Entrepreneurial Focus: More suited for those looking to enter business rather than purely enhance coaching skills.
  • Investment: Requires dedication in time and practice.

Certified Life Coach Institute (CLCI)

For those itching to hit the coaching ground running, CLCI offers a lightning-fast route. This program is all about getting you certified over a single, intense weekend. It’s ICF accredited, so you’re not trading speed for quality. Aimed at beginners, it’s a whirlwind of learning that covers everything from coaching fundamentals to business basics.


  • Speedy Certification: Perfect for the fast movers.
  • Business Ready: Gets you set for the coaching market.
  • ICF Accredited: Offers that much-needed credibility.


  • Rapid Pace: Might be too fast for some learners.
  • Scope: May not dive deep into niche areas.
  • Instructor Variability: Worth checking who you’ll be learning from.
  • CLCI is your fast lane to coaching, especially if you’re keen on launching ASAP.

WHY.os Certification with WHY Institute

Ever wonder what really drives you and how to bring that insight into your coaching? The WHY.os Certification from the WHY Institute dives right into that. Inspired by Simon Sinek’s game-changing “Start With Why” concept, this certification isn’t just another add-on; it’s a deep dive into the essence of purpose. It’s about getting to the heart of your clients’ motivations—uncovering their WHY (purpose), HOW (process), and WHAT (deliverable) to spark real, meaningful changes in their lives.

This program is a goldmine for coaches at any level who want to stand out by weaving purpose and fulfillment into their coaching sessions too. It’s specially designed to not only deepen your coaching relationships but to also give your practice a unique edge.


  • WHY-Driven Insights: Offers a profound journey into discovering purpose, enriching your coaching connections.
  • Distinct Toolkit: Arms you with an innovative approach to make your coaching stand out.
  • Learn at Your Own Pace: Online, flexible learning that fits around your life.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with a network of like-minded professionals for endless inspiration and support.


  • Investment: The value is undeniable, but the cost may stretch some budgets.
  • Specialized Focus: While groundbreaking, it’s not a one-size-fits-all coaching solution.
  • Niche Orientation: Perfect for purpose discovery but might leave you wanting if you’re after a broader coaching skillset.

Who Stands Out?

Best for Beginners: CLCI is a winner for its fast-track, comprehensive introduction to coaching, making it a gem for newbies eager to start.

Best for Intermediate Coaches: CTA shines for those in the middle of their coaching journey, blending skill enhancement with a keen eye on business growth.

Best for Advanced Coaches: iPEC offers depth, particularly for those delving into energy-based coaching, making it ideal for veterans looking to expand their toolkit.

best overall life coaching programBest Overall: HCI‘s Dual Life and Health Coaching Certification takes the cake for its well-rounded approach, appealing to a broad spectrum of coaching aspirations and providing a solid foundation for success in both life and health coaching.

Finding Your ‘Why’ in Coaching

finding your why in coaching

The WHY.os Certification is for those looking to infuse their coaching with a deeper sense of purpose and to guide clients towards not just goals, but meaningful life milestones. While it’s a powerhouse for unlocking motivation and aligning aspirations, it’s wise to weigh its specialized focus against your coaching objectives and needs.

Remember, it’s about complimenting your coaching toolkit with something that can truly set you apart and resonate on a deeper level with your clients. If diving into the depths of purpose and motivation is where you see your coaching journey thriving, then the WHY.os Certification could be your next big leap.

Wrapping Up

wrapping up

Choosing the right certification is about aligning with your personal coaching vision and where you see yourself making the biggest impact. From fast-paced beginnings with CLCI to deep mindset shifts with The Life Coach School, each program brings something special to the table. HCI stands out for its holistic take, offering a comprehensive pathway for those ready to guide others not just in achieving goals but in leading healthier, more fulfilling lives.

In the end, it’s about where your passions lie and the kind of coach you aspire to be. Pick the path that resonates most with your goals, and embark on a journey that not only transforms your life but the lives of those you coach.

Best Executive Coaching Certification Programs

best executive coaching

Shifting our lens to executive coaching, a field dedicated to amplifying leadership capabilities, we dive into various programs designed for this purpose. Let’s dissect some key players:

ActionCOACH Franchise

For those itching to not just learn but also lead in the business coaching world, ActionCOACH offers a franchise model. This isn’t your average certification; it’s an opportunity to helm your own coaching business, armed with nearly three decades of insights, systems, and a global support network. Ideal for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, eager to bring accountability and education to businesses across the board.


  • Renowned Brand: Leverages the reputable ActionCOACH legacy.
  • Comprehensive Framework: Everything you need from systems to support.
  • Exclusive Territory: Minimizes competition with a dedicated area of operation.
  • Growth Opportunities: The sky’s the limit with a base of potential clients.


  • Investment Required: Initial costs to consider.
  • Commitment: Success demands your time and dedication.
  • Competition: Despite exclusive territories, the coaching world is vast.

Institute for Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL)

IECL serves up flexibility and depth for those at varying stages of their executive coaching career. With ICF accreditation, this program melds evidence-based methodologies with a broad spectrum of coaching models, catering to those eager to refine their executive coaching prowess.


  • Broad Accreditation: A stamp of quality and global recognition.
  • Customizable Learning: Tailor the program to your career stage and goals.
  • Research-Driven: Grounded in proven coaching strategies.


  • Depth Variability: Might not fully satisfy those seeking deep dives into personal development.
  • Cost Clarity: Direct outreach needed for detailed pricing.

WHY.os Certification at WHY Institute

Diving into the essence of leadership, the WHY.os Certification focuses on the core drivers of effective leaders. This program, inspired by Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why,” reshapes leadership coaching by centering on purpose, process, and deliverables, setting a new gold standard for executive coaching.


  • Purpose-Centric: Places the WHY at the forefront of leadership development.
  • Tailored Impact: Enables personalized coaching approaches for lasting change.
  • Organizational Influence: Aids in cultivating purpose-driven cultures.


  • Complementary Skills: May need to be paired with additional coaching skills.
  • Accessibility: Investment and specialization considerations.
  • CoachU Advanced Corporate Coaching Program
  • Designed for those ready to delve into the corporate coaching realm, CoachU’s program is a complete deep dive into executive and corporate coaching. It’s about shaping leaders and managers who can navigate and influence organizational dynamics effectively.

CoachU Advanced Corporate Coaching Program

Designed for those ready to delve into the corporate coaching realm, CoachU’s program is a deep dive into executive and corporate coaching. It’s about shaping leaders who can navigate and influence organizational dynamics effectively.


  • ICF Accreditation: Adds a layer of credibility.
  • Corporate Focus: Sharpens your expertise with targeted strategies.
  • Recognized Excellence: Benefit from CoachU’s established industry standing.


  • Financial Commitment: High-quality comes with a price.
  • Experience Requirement: Aimed at those already versed and trained in coaching fundamentals.

Who Stands Out?

Best for Beginners: IECL provides a welcoming platform, perfect for those beginning their executive coaching journey, offering a blend of foundational knowledge and practical application.

Best for Intermediate: ActionCOACH presents a unique proposition for intermediate coaches looking to merge coaching expertise with entrepreneurial zest, offering a tangible business opportunity within the coaching domain.

Best for Advanced: The WHY Institute’s WHY.os Certification takes the crown, especially for those looking to deeply integrate purpose into their coaching practice, offering a nuanced approach to leadership development.

best overall life coaching programOverall Top Choice: WHY.os Certification at WHY Institute

In a totally unbiased, completely objective, and not-at-all self-promoting move, we’ve crowned the WHY.os Certification as the go-to for those itching to dig deeper into the purpose behind their coaching prowess. It champions a purpose-driven coaching model that not only aligns leaders with their core motivations but also fosters a profound organizational impact, crafting visionary leaders ready to navigate and shape the future of business. And for those thinking, ‘WOW – bold of them to choose themselves.’ Well, spoiler alert: Because who better understands the importance of finding your ‘why’ than the folks who’ve made it their business? (Plus, it’s our article, and we say so.)

best executive coaching 2024

As we explore the executive coaching certification landscape, it’s clear there’s a rich tapestry of options catering to various stages of professional coaching development. From the entrepreneurial allure of ActionCOACH to the purposeful, in depth side of the WHY.os Certification, each program offers unique insights into the art of leadership coaching. Selecting the right certification is about matching your personal and your professional coaching aspirations with the program that resonates most deeply with your coaching philosophy. As you ponder your choices, consider where you can make the most impactful difference in the world of executive leadership.

Best Leadership Coaching Certification Programs

As we transition from exploring life and executive coaching certifications, let’s shift our focus to the dynamic field of leadership coaching. This specialization is all about empowering leaders to unlock their full potential and positively influence those around them. Here’s an overview of standout programs tailored for this very purpose:

John Maxwell Team Certification Programs

Rooted in the leadership wisdom of John Maxwell, these certification training programs are a treasure trove for those drawn to Maxwell’s vision of leadership. Spanning 13 hours of video training, the curriculum intertwines Maxwell’s leadership philosophies with practical coaching techniques and business development strategies, ideal for coaches aiming to create leadership-centric coaching practices.


  • Capitalizes on Maxwell’s reputable leadership framework.
  • Rich in practical leadership tools.
  • Offers a supportive community and mentorship opportunities.


  • May not offer a wide range of general coaching skills.

World Coach Institute

This certification is crafted for coaches focused on organizational success, covering both the team coach, and individual coaching within corporate settings. It’s comprehensive, touching on everything from the nuances of team dynamics to the development of individual leaders, supported by their Corporate Coach Builder program.


  • Broad curriculum suitable for various corporate coaching scenarios.
  • ICF accreditation adds a layer of prestige.
  • Includes valuable tools and resources for enhancing organizational coaching programs.


  • Might come with a higher price tag.
  • Specifics on faculty could use more clarity.

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Marshall Goldsmith’s coaching certification is designed for making a tangible impact in leaders’ lives, focusing on sustainable behavioral change. It leverages stakeholder feedback in a structured process aimed at refining leadership effectiveness. This approach is perfect for coaches dedicated to working with high-performing leaders and teams.


  • Result-driven methodology for leadership enhancement.
  • Stakeholder involvement enriches the coaching performance evaluation process.
  • Renowned within the executive coaching sphere for its effectiveness.


  • The investment required is significant.
  • Intensive for both coaches and leaders.
  • Tailored more towards behavioral changes than broader leadership development.

Who Stands Out?

Best for Beginners: The Certified Career & Life Coach Program by World Coach Institute is the starting point for aspiring coaches. It lays a solid foundation with an emphasis on practical coaching skills and career development strategies, perfect for those new to the coaching realm.

Elevating Mid-Level Expertise: Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching offers an exceptional mid-career boost. Its focus on measurable leadership improvements and stakeholder engagement makes it an ideal match for coaches looking to specialize in transforming high-achieving leaders.

Top Tier for Experts: Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Did they really just choose their own certification for experts…. again?” To which we cheekily respond, “Absolutely!”

best career coaching

But before you think we’ve just turned the spotlight on ourselves, hear us out. The WHY.os Certification from is unparalleled for seasoned coaches aiming to delve deeper into the ‘why’ behind leadership. It equips coaches with confidence and a unique perspective on purpose-driven leadership, fostering profound transformations.

best overall life coaching programTop Choice Overall: Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Marshall Goldsmith’s program emerges as the best overall choice for leadership coaching certifications. It strikes a perfect balance between theory and application, focusing on real-world results. This certification is designed for coaches who are serious about making a significant impact in the realm of leadership, offering a structured methodology that not only enhances leadership skills but also aligns leaders with their teams and organizational goals.

Across the spectrum of leadership coaching certifications, each program offers a unique pathway to empowering leaders and teams. From the foundational insights provided by John Maxwell to the purpose-centric approach of the WHY Institute, and the targeted behavioral transformation offered by Marshall Goldsmith, there’s a route for every coaching ambition.

Section 4: Best Career Coaching Certification Programs

WHY Institute Certification

The WHY.os Certification, offered by the WHY Institute, is a specialized coaching program tailored to equip coaches with a profound understanding of their clients’ purpose, as well as the tools to activate and leverage this purpose effectively. Rooted in Simon Sinek’s renowned “Start With Why” concept, the certification delves into the WHY, HOW, and WHAT framework, providing a comprehensive understanding of individual motivations and behaviors. Particularly relevant to career coaching, this program empowers coaches to guide clients towards aligning their professional endeavors with their core purpose, fostering not only career success but also a profound sense of fulfillment. By facilitating a deep exploration of purpose and its integration into professional life, the WHY.os Certification enables coaches to drive meaningful transformations, helping individuals navigate their career paths with clarity, purpose, and authenticity.


  • Strong foundation in Simon Sinek’s concept
  • Focus on purpose-driven transformations
  • Flexible online format
  • Unique coaching tool and methodology
  • Supports continuous professional development


  • Cost may be a barrier for some, but offers payment plans
  • Not a replacement for comprehensive coaching certification
  • Emphasis on purpose-discovery may not suit those seeking purely practical skill development

Certified Professional Career Coach

The Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) program is a comprehensive certification designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and expertise needed to excel in the field of career coaching. Accredited by PARW/CC, the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches, this program focuses on career planning and development, catering to beginners and intermediates seeking to establish a strong foundation in career coaching. Over a 25-week duration, participants delve into various aspects of career development, from coaching foundations to job search strategies, resume branding, and business development for coaches.

Ideal for individuals aiming to work with clients on job search, career transitions, and professional growth, the CPCC program covers a wide array of curriculum highlights. These include core coaching skills such as communication, coaching the application process, and career development expertise encompassing theories, assessments, and job search strategies. Participants also receive extensive support in resume development, interview preparation, negotiation tactics, and business development.

Led by experienced career coaches and trainers, the program ensures high-quality instruction and guidance throughout. Alumni success stories showcased on the PARW/CC website attest to the effectiveness of the CPCC program in preparing individuals for successful careers in career coaching.


  • Focused on practical career coaching skills
  • Affordable compared to other certifications
  • Well-recognized within the career services industry


  • Not as widely recognized outside of career coaching domains as some other certifications, such as those accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance (CTA) offers the Certified Coach Program, providing individuals with the to become a Certified of Coach designation upon completion. Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), this program caters to beginners and intermediate practitioners seeking to develop their coaching skills, with a particular emphasis on personal growth and building a coaching business. With various program formats available, the duration and cost can vary, accommodating different learning preferences and budgets. The curriculum highlights coaching models, techniques, ethics, and practice development, alongside business-building strategies, ensuring participants gain both practical coaching skills and the tools to establish and grow their coaching ventures. Led by experienced coaches and trainers, CTA boasts a strong track record of alumni success, showcased on their website.


  • Experienced provider: CTA is a well-established organization with a reputation for providing quality coach training programs.
  • ICF-aligned: Accredited by the ICF, ensuring the program meets industry standards for both performance evaluation and coaching excellence.
  • Focus on practical skills and business development: The program offers a comprehensive approach, equipping participants with both coaching core competencies and the knowledge to succeed as entrepreneurs in the coaching industry.


  • Less theoretical depth than some programs

National Career Development Association

The National Career Development Association (NCDA) offers the Certified Career Counselor (CCC) credential, providing a rigorous certification for professionals operating at the intersection of counseling and career development. Accredited by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), this credential is particularly suited for individuals with counseling backgrounds, although it can be beneficial for advanced career coaches seeking to deepen their expertise. Ideal for professionals navigating career development while considering mental health factors, the CCC program encompasses career assessment, theory, and counseling skills.

To earn the CCC credential, individuals interested in must possess a master’s degree in counseling or a relevant field, complete supervised experience, and pass an exam. While the curriculum varies based on the graduate program, highlights typically include courses in career development theories, counseling techniques, assessment and interpretation, and ethical considerations in career counseling. Faculty expertise also varies depending on the graduate program, and success stories are likely to feature individuals with counseling backgrounds expanding into career development roles.


  • Rigorous training: The CCC program offers comprehensive training, ensuring professionals are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of career counseling.
  • Recognized counseling credential: Accredited by the NBCC, the CCC credential carries prestige and recognition within the counseling field.
  • Strong theory base: With a focus on career development theories, the program provides a solid foundation for understanding and addressing prospective clients’ career needs.


  • Requires a master’s degree: Earning the CCC credential necessitates a significant investment of time and resources, including obtaining a master’s degree.
  • Focus on counseling: While valuable for career coaching, the program places significant emphasis on counseling techniques, which may not align with the preferences of those solely focused on coaching.

Best Picks Across the Board

Best for Beginners: The CPCC program is the go-to, offering a robust introduction to career coaching fundamentals and business aspects of setting up your practice.

Best for Intermediate: CTA’s program fits perfectly here, providing an excellent blend of practical skills and business strategies for those ready to develop and take their coaching to the next level.

Best for Advanced: And here comes the twist – the WHY.os Certification from the humble folks at the WHY Institute. Now, we might be accused of picking our own horse in the race (…again), but hear us out!

best certification for advanced

It’s not just because we love our work (okay, maybe a little), but truly, for experienced coaches aiming for the stars, our certification is the rocket fuel for purpose-driven coaching. And yes, choosing ourselves might raise an eyebrow or incite a chuckle, but in the spirit of transparency and a dash of self-love, we’re embracing it.

best overall life coaching programBest Overall Pick: Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC)

Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) program is a standout, making it the top pick for career coaches looking for a coach training program that really covers all the bases. What sets it apart? It’s perfectly suited for anyone in the coaching game, whether you’re just throwing your hat in the ring or you’re an experienced coach looking to level up. The CPCC program is like a Swiss Army knife for coaches—it’s got everything. From the essential skills every coach needs, to the deeper stuff like building real connections, leading with impact, and communicating in ways that truly resonate.

For aspiring coaches, the choice of certification should consider factors such as accreditation, curriculum depth, faculty expertise, alumni success, and cost. Each program highlighted offers unique advantages, whether it’s a focus on energy leadership, holistic health, business acumen, or rapid through certification requirements. The decision ultimately hinges on where a coach sees themselves making the most impact and how they envision their growth in the coaching field.

As the coaching industry continues to evolve, the value of a well-chosen certification cannot be overstated. It equips coaches with the skills necessary to foster meaningful transformations in their clients’ lives while also paving the way for their professional advancement. With a commitment to continuous learning and development, certified coaches are well-positioned to make a significant difference in the world, one coaching session at a time.

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10 Viral Secrets to Success: Cathey Armillas’ Blueprint from Marketing Genius to TEDx Coach


Guest: Cathey Armillas
WHY.os: Challenge – Better Way – Trust 

Cathey Armillas isn’t just anyone. She’s a marketing pro who turned her sights on helping people give the best TED talks they can. She’s been through a lot, from tough personal challenges to big wins in the business world. Cathey’s got a knack for storytelling and knows how to connect with people, making her the perfect guest for this episode.

By tuning in, you’ll learn:

  • How Cathey turned her toughest times into stepping stones for success.
  • The secret sauce behind a viral TED talk that connects and sticks.
  • Practical advice for anyone looking to step onto the TED stage and knock it out of the park.

Don’t miss out on this episode. It’s packed with stories and tips that could help you bring your own big ideas into the spotlight. Hit play and start your journey to the TED stage today.

Connect with Cathey!


Watch the episode here

01:40 – Cathey Armillas’ Background
02:12 – Overcoming Personal Adversity
04:22 – Finding Purpose in Sports
09:26 – Career Beginnings and Marketing Success
16:27 – Viral Marketing Success Story
19:49 – Transition to TEDx Coaching
23:40 – The Elements of a Successful TED Talk
31:16 – Importance of a TED Talk Title
39:20 – Advice for Aspiring TED Speakers



How Cathey Armillas Turned Adversity into TEDx Awesomeness: Lessons on Resilience, Viral Success, and Speaking Magic

Let’s chat about someone super inspiring: Cathey Armillas. Ever heard her story? Well, buckle up because Cathey’s tale isn’t just inspiring—it’s a masterclass in turning life’s punches into knockout victories, especially when it comes to lighting up the TEDx stage.

Meet Cathey Armillas: The Unstoppable Force

Cathey Armillas isn’t just another name in the crowd. She’s a force of nature who’s mastered the art of bouncing back—hard. From facing personal challenges that would have stopped many in their tracks to becoming a sought-after TEDx coach, Cathey’s story is the one you need to hear if you’ve ever thought about giving up.

Dive into Cathey’s World: Major Takeaways from Her Journey
Transforming Trials into Triumphs

Imagine moving cities, facing family upheavals, and battling depression—all before your career even kicks off. That’s Cathey’s early life in a nutshell. But here’s the kicker: she didn’t let these challenges define her. Instead, Cathey channeled her energy into sports, finding discipline and a sense of purpose. Her story teaches us that no matter the obstacles, there’s always a path forward.

A Marketing Maverick Goes Viral

Before “viral” was a buzzword, Cathey was there, pioneering one of the first-ever viral marketing campaigns. She took a mundane product—an industrial shredder—and turned it into an internet sensation. This wasn’t just luck; it was a testament to her creative genius and understanding of what catches the public’s eye. Cathey proves that with the right angle, anything can capture the world’s attention.

The Magic of TEDx Coaching

Transitioning from marketing to TEDx coaching might seem like a leap, but for Cathey, it was a natural step. She didn’t just become a coach; she became a TEDx whisperer, guiding speakers to convey their ideas powerfully and authentically. Cathey’s approach isn’t about fancy slides or theatrics; it’s about connecting deeply with your audience and sharing ideas that resonate on a human level.

Learning from Cathey: Nuggets of Wisdom for Aspiring TEDx Speakers

Resilience Is Key: Cathey’s life shows us that resilience isn’t just about surviving; it’s about thriving. Her ability to turn personal challenges into stepping stones is a powerful reminder to keep pushing, even when the going gets tough.

Creativity Can Make Anything Interesting: Remember the viral shredder? Cathey’s creative marketing strategy turned a seemingly boring product into a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a lesson in looking at what you have from a new angle and finding the story that captivates.

Authenticity Wins on the TEDx Stage: Cathey’s success as a TEDx coach boils down to one thing: authenticity. She teaches speakers to tap into their true selves and share their ideas from a place of genuine passion. It’s not just about what you say but how you make people feel.

Embrace Your Own TEDx Journey

Inspired yet? Cathey Armillas’ journey from overcoming personal adversities to becoming a TEDx coaching legend is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity, and authenticity. Whether you’re dreaming of the TEDx stage or just looking to leave a mark in your world, Cathey’s story is a beacon of hope and a playbook for success.

Feeling ready to share your own ideas with the world? Take a leaf out of Cathey’s book and start crafting your story with heart, creativity, and a dash of bravery. Who knows? You might just be the next viral sensation or TEDx star in the making. Dive into the full episode to soak up all the wisdom Cathe

y has to offer. It’s your time to shine—go make it happen!

Discover your WHY.os now for 50% off! Click here to purchase today or visit to learn more!

If you love the show, please don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a review and rating on whatever platform you are using. Thank you so much for being here. I will see you in the next episode.


About Cathey Armillas

Meet Cathey Armillas—an accomplished marketer turned sought-after TED/speaker coach. It all started when one of her clients got asked to give a TED Talk. That pivotal moment led Cathey to dive into the world of coaching, where she blends her marketing savvy with a deep understanding of psychology. She doesn’t just coach, she empowers people to share captivating ideas that truly connect. With Cathey, it’s about more than crafting a story;it’s about creating genuine bonds with your audience. Her passion? Making storytelling a game-changer for anyone wanting to impact others with their ideas.


Overcoming the Plateau: Simple Strategies for Stagnant Coaching Practices

Hitting a plateau in your coaching practice feels like running headfirst into an invisible wall. It’s that moment when you realize your practice isn’t growing, every session starts to blend into the next, and the fiery excitement that once fueled your passion and got you jumping out of bed in the morning just doesn’t burn as brightly anymore. It’s a tough and disheartening spot to find yourself in, but it’s also a chance to pause, reflect, and pivot towards something new and exciting. The secret ingredient to breaking through this standstill? Delving deep to uncover what truly drives your clients – their WHY.

Spotting What’s Got You Stuck

The first step to overcoming this hurdle is to recognize the tell-tale signs that your coaching practice has hit a plateau. Maybe you’ve noticed that your list of new clients has dried up, or that the buzz and satisfaction you used to feel during and after coaching sessions have dwindled to a faint hum. Perhaps the strategies and approaches that once brought breakthroughs for your clients now seem to barely scratch the surface. These signs are like big, flashing neon arrows pointing to the need for a serious shake-up. They’re telling us loud and clear that it’s time to dig deeper into our foundational motivations for coaching and to explore fresh, innovative ways to connect with and empower our clients.

Why WHY Matters

At the core of every significant transformation, whether personal or professional, lies a potent motivator—a WHY. This WHY isn’t just a surface-level explanation of the tasks we perform; it’s a deep, resonant understanding of our most profound motivations and the driving forces behind our actions. This concept doesn’t just apply to us as coaches; it’s equally vital for understanding the deep-down aspirations, fears, and dreams of our clients. When we successfully tap into this, we unlock the potential to make our coaching sessions exponentially more meaningful, personalized, and impactful. This profound connection can reignite the spark in our coaching practice and guide our clients toward the real, lasting breakthroughs they seek.

Mixing WHY into Your Coaching

Revisit Your Roots: Every great journey begins with a single step, and the first step here is to take a thoughtful step back and reflect on why you started coaching in the first place. What was it that drew you to this profession? Was it the joy of seeing someone achieve their potential, or perhaps the satisfaction of helping others navigate their path to success? Reminding yourself of your own WHY can breathe new life into your approach, rekindling your passion and infusing each coaching session with a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

Go Deeper with Clients: It’s time to enhance the way we listen and interact with our clients, to move beyond the surface and delve into the essence of their goals and aspirations. This means refining our questioning techniques, dedicating entire sessions to active listening, or even integrating new tools and exercises designed specifically to unearth deeper motivations. The goal here is to foster an environment where clients feel safe, seen, and understood, creating the perfect conditions for them to open up about the real WHYs behind their ambitions.

Keep Learning: The landscape of coaching is dynamic and ever-evolving, with new theories, methodologies, and insights emerging all the time. Commit to staying informed about the latest trends, innovations, and tools that can help you integrate the concept of WHY into your coaching practice. This commitment to continuous learning and adaptation not only enriches your toolbox but ensures that your approach remains fresh, relevant, and impactful, capable of meeting the changing needs and challenges of your clients.

Putting WHY to Work

Make It Personal: With a clear and profound understanding of your clients’ WHYs at your fingertips, you’re now in a prime position to develop highly personalized, resonant growth plans. These tailored plans speak directly to the unique motivations, challenges, and dreams of each client, ensuring a coaching experience that is not only more effective but also deeply satisfying for both parties involved.

Boost Engagement: Leveraging the deep insights gained into your clients’ WHYs can transform the way you connect and engage with them. This deeper level of understanding fosters a stronger, more meaningful connection, making clients more invested in their coaching journey. It’s this investment and commitment that often leads to the most profound and impactful breakthroughs.

Track and Tweak: As you weave these WHY-focused strategies into the fabric of your coaching practice, it’s essential to keep a close eye on their effectiveness. Be open to feedback, both from your own observations and directly from your clients, and be prepared to adjust and adapt your methods as needed. This flexible, responsive approach is key to refining your coaching practice and ensuring that it consistently delivers the profound, meaningful transformations your clients are seeking.

Finding yourself in a state of stagnation isn’t a sign to pack up and call it quits; it’s a clarion call to dive deeper, to explore the rich, fertile ground of understanding and leveraging our clients’ WHYs. By adopting this strategy, we move beyond just getting by; we launch our coaching into new heights of success, happiness, and powerful change.

coaching-presentationWhat’s Next?

If the idea of stagnation strikes a chord with you, or if you’re simply seeking a deeper, more meaningful connection with your clients, then here are you next steps. Take the time to reflect on your own WHY, explore the motivations that drive your clients, and share your experiences, insights, and successes.

We’re hosting a free presentation that’ll show you exactly how to to start. You’ll learn how to spot when you and your clients are just going through the motions, and how getting to the core of their goals can reignite your passion and theirs. This isn’t about overhauling everything you do; it’s about adding that missing piece that can make all the difference.

Our talk is packed with real advice that you can start using right away. Whether you’re feeling stuck yourself or you’re just keen on building stronger connections with your clients, this presentation has got you covered.

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Practical Tools for Immediate Impact: Quick Wins to Implement into Your Coaching Practice

You’re a dedicated coach, passionate about helping your clients achieve their goals and making their dreams a reality. However, you’ve noticed a recurring challenge – it often takes several sessions to truly connect with your clients and start making a meaningful impact. This delay not only tests your patience but also hinders the transformative progress that both you and your clients want, potentially costing valuable time, resources, and opportunities. Your clients may start out full of hope and motivation, however, as sessions unfold with slow progress, their motivation dwindles, replaced by frustration and dissatisfaction. Without wins, clients may start questioning the value of your coaching, potentially leading to disengagement, lost trust, and ultimately, the loss of valuable client relationships. Moreover, the inability to make an immediate impact can have significant repercussions for your business, as negative word-of-mouth from dissatisfied clients can hurt your brand and potential referrals.

Additionally, the time and energy spent navigating these initial hurdles detract from your ability to focus on guiding clients towards meaningful breakthroughs. Ultimately, the cost of not being able to make an impact quickly and effectively extends beyond individual coaching sessions, affecting the heart of your coaching practice and the lives of your clients. However, within this challenge lies an opportunity for growth and innovation. By embracing practical tools tailored to build connections and facilitate immediate impact, you can reduce risks and find new pathways to success. This allows for you to win, your clients to win, and your business to win.

We’ll get to the bottom of it by exploring practical tools that can help you make an immediate impact in your coaching sessions.


The Challenge: Building Rapport and Making an Impact

Building rapport and making a meaningful impact with clients can be challenging, particularly in the early stages of the coaching relationship. Clients may be hesitant to open up, and it can take time to establish trust and mutual understanding. As a coach, you want to make a positive impression and demonstrate value from the very first session. However, without the right tools and techniques, it can feel like an uphill battle to truly connect with your clients and help them achieve their goals.

Sometimes it can feel like…


So What Tools Can Actually Help?

First: Assessments

When it comes to assessment tools, there are plenty of options to choose from, and everyone says ‘Start with WHY’, so maybe we should start there too. The WHY Institute’s WHY.os Discovery is a great option, offering a quick assessment that can uncover a client’s WHY, HOW, and WHAT (what they call the WHY.os) in less than 10 minutes. It’s like having a secret client decoder that reveals the core motivations driving your clients’ actions and decisions. Of course, there are other tried-and-true assessments out there, like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), DISC assessment, and StrengthsFinder. Each of these tools provides valuable insights into different aspects of personality, behavior, and strengths, helping coaches tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of their clients. So whether you’re delving into the depths of WHY or exploring the intricacies of personality types, there’s no shortage of assessment tools to choose from. You just have to decide what’s best for you and your clients. 


Second: Visualization Exercises

Visualization exercises are powerful tools for coaches looking to inspire and motivate their clients from the very beginning. By guiding clients through visualization techniques, coaches can help them clarify their goals, envision success, and overcome limiting beliefs or obstacles. Whether it’s creating a vision board, practicing guided imagery, or visualizing future achievements, these exercises tap into the power of the mind to ignite passion, focus, and determination in clients, setting the stage for meaningful progress in their coaching journey. These may seem silly at first, but they are known to be very effective for long term goal setting and belief building. 



Third: Active Listening Techniques

Active listening is a fundamental skill for coaches seeking to connect with their clients on a deeper level and truly understand their needs and perspectives. By practicing active listening techniques such as reflective listening, paraphrasing, and summarizing, coaches can demonstrate empathy, validation, and genuine interest in their clients’ experiences. This fosters trust and rapport, creating a safe and supportive environment where clients feel heard, understood, and valued. Active listening lays the foundation for effective communication and collaboration, enabling coaches to tailor their approach and interventions to meet their clients’ unique needs and goals.  


Fourth: Action-Oriented Strategies

Action-oriented coaching strategies focus on setting clear goals, developing actionable plans, and tracking progress towards desired outcomes. By helping clients identify specific actions, milestones, and deadlines, coaches can empower them to take ownership of their goals and commit to concrete steps towards success. Action-oriented coaching emphasizes accountability, momentum, and results, driving clients to take immediate action and make meaningful progress in their personal or professional lives. Whether it’s setting SMART goals, creating action plans, or implementing accountability measures, these strategies provide a structured framework for coaching sessions and ensure that clients leave each session with a clear sense of direction and purpose.


Implementing These Tools Into Your Practice

Practical Tips for Integration

Integrating immediate impact tools into your coaching practice requires intentionality, creativity, and adaptability. Start by familiarizing yourself with the different tools and techniques available, and consider how they align with your coaching style and clients’ needs. Experiment with incorporating one or two tools into your sessions and observe the impact on client engagement, progress, and satisfaction. Be open to feedback from your clients and be willing to adjust your approach as needed to optimize results. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and mastery of these tools takes time and practice. Stay committed to continuous learning and improvement, and you’ll soon reap the rewards of your efforts in the form of enhanced coaching effectiveness and client outcomes.

Test it Out With a Few Clients

You can put these tools into practice right away by trying it out with a small group of clients or friends who are open to it. Let them know that you’re eager to experiment with some fresh coaching techniques and ask if they’d be down to give them a try. It’s a fun way to learn together and get some valuable feedback. By being upfront about your intentions and getting their consent, you’re showing respect for their input while also diving into an exciting learning adventure. As you get more comfortable with these tools and gather insights, you can start incorporating them into your coaching sessions with a broader range of clients, making adjustments based on the feedback you receive.


What Does This All Mean?

Making an immediate impact in coaching sessions requires the use of practical tools and techniques that facilitate connection, understanding, and progress from the start. By incorporating assessment tools, visualization exercises, active listening techniques, and action-oriented strategies into your coaching practice, you can elevate your sessions, build stronger relationships with your clients, and accelerate their journey towards success.

As you continue on your journey to enhance your coaching effectiveness, I encourage you to explore and implement these immediate impact tools in your coaching practice. Experiment with different tools and techniques, and observe the impact on client engagement, progress, and satisfaction. Remember that every coach-client relationship is unique, so be flexible and adaptable in your approach. By prioritizing the use of immediate impact tools, you can make a lasting difference in the lives of your clients and establish yourself as a trusted and effective coach in your field.