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One Way to Do Things

"There are two ways to do something: the right way, and again."
Navy Seals

If you have the WHY of Right Way or know someone with the WHY of Right Way, that quote probably made you laugh, like it did me. There is nothing quite like the WHY of Right Way. There is no room for grey areas, there is no such thing as wiggle room, and there is no such thing as close enough. While such absolutes may seem rigid, the world needs Right Way people because they are who keeps everyone on track with the processes and structures they create. 

The Absolutes


These will look different to each person with the WHY of Right Way, but these WILL exist for them no matter what. Maybe their absolutes are how a shirt should be tucked in, how to fix a car, or even how you brush your teeth. There is a right and a wrong way for things to be done.

For those of us who do not have a Right Way bone in our body, we see the world as having a lot more wiggle room and have the ability to go more with the flow. This may not rub a Right Way person quite right so be sure you can communicate WHY to WHY. Understanding each other’s WHY and how each person sees the world is why the WHY Institute exists after all.


WHY we Need You!


Processes and systems are what helps the world go round. Many of us, including myself, find ourselves straying from the task at hand, an initial goal, and we tend to zig and zag. People with the WHY of Right Way keep projects, meetings, and life on track. They have an uncanny ability to implement a proven process and never deviate from it. Right Way people are truly impressive, and the rest of us are in awe of your discernment.

Keep doing things the Right Way!

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Breaking Through Your Terror Barrier

Post Written By: John Livesay 

What terrifies you?

Is it public speaking? Is it failing in front of your friends? Is it calling or reaching out to someone you don’t know?

Research shows that many people have a fear of public speaking. Turns out, there is a word for it! Glossophobia! 

My friend Steve Rohr, wrote a book called “Scared Speechless” and when I interviewed him on my podcast, he said that this fear is instinctual. When we are in front of other people we are separate from the herd and we fear being attacked. 

What about the fear of failing or looking “stupid” in front of your friends or co-workers? This fear stems from the need to be perfect at everything you do, even when you are trying something new for the first time. 

Finally the fear of calling someone “important” or powerful to see if they want to hire you, talk with you, or even buy something from you. Recently, a client said they were facing the “Terror Barrier” of not feeling good enough to even reach out to a new prospective client. 

We dug a little deeper and found out that the barrier can be broken down when you let go of the real fear, which is the fear of rejection. What causes the fear of getting rejected? 

When we get a “NO,” we think it means “No forever.” What if it just means “No now”?

When we get rejected we start to reject ourselves and what we are selling. What if we reframe that to “I never reject myself or doubt my abilities. No matter what the outcome.”

No matter what terrifies you, here are the three solutions to any fear:
  1. You control your thoughts. You are the thinker thinking the thoughts. When you feel fear in your body, ask yourself, “What if I am just excited, versus scared?” They feel very similar; we can rename it. 
  2. Tell yourself you are enough and what you have to offer is valuable. Instead of being intimidated to reach out to someone new, tell yourself you are doing them a favor. “This is their lucky day to be hearing from me.”
  3. What other people think about you is none of your business! Let go of having to be a perfectionist at anything. Instead, think of yourself as a progressionist that celebrates your progress. When your identity is so strong that results don’t make you go up and down the self-esteem roller coaster, you are free to overcome any fear that has been holding you back. The next time you feel any form of fear, just tell yourself “I’m safe and fearless.”

Better Way Tips & Tricks

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”
― Unsourced, misattributed to Maya Angelou

The above quote felt fitting for the WHY of Better Way. It seems to be a constant battle of whether they feel confident they’ve landed on the BEST. If a Better Way is unsure if something could be better, then it will never feel quite right to them. They feel as though their best, the best of someone else, or a project, could always be improved. They can often be their own worst enemy in slowing down processes because of the fear it could be better.

Tips and Tricks for Being Better Way:
1. Aim for ‘Good Enough’

If your WHY is Better Way it can be easy to spiral into a place where nothing is good enough because it could always be better. And to your point, yes, anything could always be better, but to avoid getting stuck – “better way” it until it’s good enough, then learn to move on.

2. Perfection is a myth

Better Ways sometimes feel perfection could be achieved, because they are such high achieving personalities. Don’t let this myth stop you from feeling you’ve achieved something great!

3. Embrace other’s gifts

Often, when having the WHY of Better Way, and interacting with someone with a different WHY, you may come off as you know better than them. Make sure you are embracing their unique way of thinking also and letting them speak to their WHY.

Tips & Tricks for Interacting with a Better Way:
1.When working with a Better Way: Don’t spend a lot of time on a project

Now, this may seem counterproductive, but if you spend weeks and weeks on something, once you show it to them, they’re going to change everything anyway. Bring a super rough draft that you haven’t developed a lot of attachment to yet, so when they offer all their changes, they’re easy to make and won’t frustrate you as much.

2. Diffuse the Bomb

You can “diffuse the bomb” of them constantly trying to better things by asking if it’s good enough to move on. Or you may be able to in a relationship by saying “You’re doing that Better Way thing again” and they’ll realize it and laugh.

3. Understand The second part of their WHY: Find a Better Way, AND SHARE IT

Better Way people do truly want to help. Though it may come off as they think they know more than you or what’s best more than you, it comes from a good place. They want to share the best way they’ve found to do something, and they want to help you out.



Make a Little Sense of It

“All things make sense; you just have to fathom how they make sense.”

– Piers Anthony


When we meet someone with the WHY of Make Sense, it’s easy to realize they see the world a bit differently than we do, a bit quicker than most of us. What may take us hours or days to figure out, they can interpret, understand, and articulate in a matter of minutes.


In a world where the rest of us can be completely paralyzed trying to solve a problem, whether it be in business, relationships, life, or even a math problem, people with the WHY of Make Sense have the gift to quickly take in information and make it usable. If you were lucky enough to sit next to a classmate with the WHY of Make Sense, they were easily able to help you pass calculus by making the teacher’s explanation understandable and useful!


Often times an individual with the WHY of Make Sense can come off as a “smarty pants” or a “know-it-all” but once you begin to understand how they think, how they see the world, how it is their way of helping you, you begin to really respect them rather than feel minimized by their knowledge. Their brain works at a million miles an hour to fully take in all of the information being thrown at them and sort through it. They are quick on their feet, quick to understand information and quick to utilize it.


The WHY of Make Sense is a great WHY to have. The rest of us count on you to help us make sense of the complicated or confusing. You make great study buddies, coworkers, and great sponges of knowledge!


What is a Personal WHY.os?

What is a HOW+WHAT?

Whether you’ve discovered your WHY or not – there is a secret we’ve kept. Discovering your WHY isn’t all the WHY Institute provides. There are next steps in your WHY journey and that is discovering your HOW and your WHAT.

What is a HOW+WHAT?

Whether you’ve discovered your WHY or not – there is a secret we’ve kept. Discovering your WHY isn’t all the WHY Institute provides. There are next steps in your WHY journey and that is discovering your HOW and your WHAT.

What is a HOW?

A HOW is the way in which you bring your WHY to life! It is the way you express your WHY, the way it lives through you. You could very well have the same WHY as someone, but HOW you live your WHY is entirely different so it is important to understand this about yourself and others.

What is a WHAT?

A WHAT is what you ultimately bring. It is what people can depend on you for and may even be what you’re known for! Your WHAT is the way your WHY and HOW are expressed and come to life. 

What does knowing your HOW and WHAT do?

Knowing your WHY+HOW+WHAT is what puts the whole picture together. One without the others is simply a piece or two to the puzzle that makes up the total you.

Your WHY is what drives you, your HOW is how you express it, and your WHAT is what you deliver. All of these together are your WHY+HOW+WHAT Statements. The essence of who you are as a person, or the essence of what your business believes.

Speaking of your Business WHY+HOW+WHAT, we believe inspired companies know WHY they do what they do and communicate from their WHY. A Business that is built on a WHY foundation can tell clients WHY they do what they do, then tell them HOW they do it, and then ultimately WHAT they do.

These may seem like daunting tasks to figure out on your own – but hey! That’s why we exist!

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