So You’re in a Relationship with a Mastery…


“You are not in a hurry. You prefer a holistic approach. You look at the object of study from as many angles as possible, giving your thoughts added dimensions” – Robert Greene.

Getting into the frame of mind of someone with the WHY of Mastery is already hurting my head. But alas, here I go, with classical music swirling through the air. At least that’s what I imagine those with the WHY of Mastery would be playing whilst writing a blog. They would also probably use words like “whilst”, because I surely never do.

The Details

If you are in a relationship with someone with the WHY of mastery you know, they are rarely in a hurry to finish a project. They are meticulous about every detail, every fiber, and every bit of what they are working on to the nth degree. Now, that doesn’t mean they do this with everything. Only with what they are truly invested in or interested in, at that point. For instance, if their new obsession is pottery, they will learn every thing there is to know about it, read about it, study it, and stay up late watching videos on it. If they do not have interest in dishes, for instance, they will not be meticulous or “masterful” in that. Their mastery is not in every subject or every matter, it is in what has their attention. This is important for a significant other to understand. To understand and encourage their partner in their studious and obsessive (in a good way) behavior.

The Smaller Details

Those with the WHY of mastery are very great in relationships when the minute details are important to both parties. Mastery people relish in the small details. The details of gifts, a letter, a special event or surprise for their loved one. They will pick out the most intricate bottle of wine for the moment. One they have done extensive research one, one that was perhaps near a winery near where you first met. When their significant other can appreciate these little intricacies, and the care and detail they put into them, the relationship will flourish.

Turmoil in the Details

If you are less interested in details and potentially the obsessions that those with the WHY of mastery may acquire, you may find some trouble in this relationship. If you prefer for things to get to the point and remain at the bare bones or bullet points, this may be hard for you to understand their long, in-depth explanations. Mastery is truly rare and it is easy for them to be misunderstood because of their absorption and obsession with the minute.

A Rare Find

If you are in a relationship with someone with the WHY of mastery, be sure you encourage their breadth, depth, and thirst for knowledge and deeper understanding. They are scarce on this earth, and have a lot to share with the world, and bring to your relationship.

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A Quick Look at an In-Depth WHY

“I learned no detail was too small. It was all about the details.”
-Brad Grey

Mastery. This is a rare WHY. One of the most rare WHYs, in fact. The animal that is Mastery is an impressive one. Doing something halfway is not an option for them and skimping on the details is unheard of.

Mastery is such a particular WHY that it is easy to see if it is truly in someone’s WHY.os (WHY, HOW, or WHAT). These people will dive deeper than anything you’ve experienced before. Their breadth of knowledge and desire to learn every nuance is other-worldy.

Those with the WHY of Mastery will find something as simple as bread making and become obsessed. They will try different methods, different measurements, different recipes, different temperatures, different cooking times, and anything possible to perfect the perfect loaf and get that perfect flakey crunch. Whereas the rest of us will look up a recipe and be satisfied with a loaf that rises at all. Those with the WHY of Mastery take this depth into their specific interests, loves, and curiosities of life. They may not desire this much detail for every aspect of their lives but only for what they truly have their eye and mind set on. And even with this incredible attention to detail, they may still feel they have so much to learn and yet to perfect it.

If you or someone you know has the WHY of Mastery or Mastery in their WHY.os, learn from them, for they are sponges of knowledge and see life through a multi-faceted lens.