So You’re in a Relationship with a Clarify…

“Because answers exist only to questions…”
-Mungara Tarou Krishnamurti

If you are in a relationship with someone with the WHY of Clarify that quote probably hits home.  Those with the WHY of Clarify need to be completely clear and need to have answers to their questions if they are going to move forward. Although making sure they are clear is important, hence the questions, they also need to make sure you fully understand as well. This is very important to them in order to keep everyone on the same page and avoid upsets.

Now, we all knew that person in class who asked endless questions and we wished they would just let the teacher, the class, and everyone move on. Looking back, they probably had the WHY of Clarify. Now, dating this person can be tricky at times because if you don’t need a lot of information to move forward – like Simplify or Make Sense – then this may be frustrating for you. This is when you must ask your Clarifying significant other what they actually need from you to be clear.  Knowing your significant other has the WHY of Clarify is important because they often go above and beyond in explanations with metaphors, analogies, and stories to make sure you understand. If you don’t see this quirk as a positive then it may be overbearing.

Being in a relationship with someone with the WHY of Clarify has a lot of positive as well. In making sure you both are clear, they are making sure you are both on the same page, they are making sure you are a team. This can lead to little misunderstandings and the ability to move forward within the relationship both positively and confidently. As well, you will always know where they stand, that they are clear on the relationship, their decisions, and they’ve thought everything through. If they haven’t you’ll know – because there will be questions!


So You’re in a Relationship with a Simplify…


One would assume being in a relationship with someone with the WHY of Simplify would result in… a simple relationship. But just because their WHY is Simplify – doesn’t mean that will jive with your WHY. It does not mean it will be simple.

If you have seen the movie Inside Out, do you remember the part at the beginning when they say, “Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?” I often find when interacting with someone with the WHY of Simplify – it is hard to tell what they are thinking when they give such short, direct, and simple answers. As someone with the WHY of Trust and building relationships, I find myself wanting a little more substance than a “yes” or “no” response. If you don’t have the WHY of Simplify, you may find yourself wanting a bit more information as well.

It is important to understand that your significant other isn’t being rude, short, or unwilling to open up. They just simply live life in a simple format, including how they speak. It doesn’t mean that they don’t care either, they just believe it is the most effective way to communicate and that “fluff” isn’t necessary.

There are many positives to being in a relationship with a Simplify as well. There is usually minimal drama, and a minimal need for attention as that can often feel too excessive and extra. They are happy with the simplicities in life and finding joy in the small things. They are generally easy going and find it easy to agree on decisions. Date nights will be simple, fun, and all about the two of you!


A Look At Trust

We all like to believe that trust is important to us. We all like to believe that we are generally trustworthy, and we all want to be trusting of others. While trust may rank high in your core values, it cannot bear the weight of someone with the WHY of Trust. Understanding what trust truly means to someone with the WHY of Trust is essential to having a good relationship with them. Whether the relationship is between coworkers, family, friends, or a significant other – it is imperative to know.

Trust in The Workplace

A camaraderie is very important to feeling valued in the workplace for someone with the WHY of Trust. Not only from desk to desk, but that they can grab a beer after work or talk about their weekends together. When it comes to employer, employee relationships you can count on them to get their tasks done on time and while praise is not necessary, it helps them know you see the value in them. Trust’s love a fun, family-style work environment.

Trust in Family & Friends

Having trust and feeling trusted in these relationships is crucial for someone with the WHY of Trust. If this foundation is broken from a young age it can hinder their ability to trust in others and themselves for many years to come. When there IS trust, however, these relationships become a great strength for those with the WHY of Trust. They feel as though they can fully be themselves, reach out for help, share mundane details of their day, and share their lives with these people. They can share secrets, keep secrets, and flourish in these trusted relationships.

Trust in Love

If you ask anyone the most important thing in a relationship and they will always invariably tell you trust! While trust is important in all relationships, being in a relationship with someone with the WHY of trust is particularly important to understand. If they have plans and you change them, it can feel like you’re slowly chipping away at what they can count on you for. If you are late or make them late, they feel as though they’ve been let down. With someone with the WHY of trust, you have to be especially attentive to the little things, because while they may seem minute to others, these little things are what allows a Trust to trust themselves and feel trustworthy. On the flip side if there is full understanding and communication of the weight even small things can have on a Trust in a relationship, there is no limit for what these two can do together! Remember though – there are no second chances with a trust.


There are no relationships without trust. Knowing someone close to you has the WHY of Trust can be crucial to interacting with, working with, being friends with, or loving them. They can take a lot more to heart than you realize and usually have a go-with-the-flow temperament so it may be tricky to understand what is wrong. Communication and openness is key with the WHY of Trust and understanding what little things like being on time can really be weighted as. They will never let you down, will be there for you no matter what, and be someone you can confide in about anything! What a wonderful WHY to have.