Discover the Key to Captivating Your Audience: Secrets to Effective Speaking Revealed


In this episode of the Beyond Your WHY Podcast, join host Dr. Gary Sanchez as he welcomes Joel Weldon, a renowned speaker and expert in communication skills. Joel’s journey from being paid just $25 for his first speech to commanding $25,000 per presentation showcases his expertise and the value he brings to the table. With over 274 presentations in 1974 alone, Joel’s speaking system has been refined through years of experience, making him a trusted authority in the field.

Listen and uncover…

  1. The Power of “You”: Discover how addressing your audience directly as individuals can create a deeper connection and engagement, elevating your speaking skills to new heights.
  2. Secrets of Impactful Openings and Closings: Learn how to captivate your audience from the very beginning and leave a lasting impression with powerful closing statements, ensuring your message resonates long after you’ve finished speaking.
  3. Harnessing the Power of Quotes: Understand why quotes are an essential tool in your speaking arsenal, and learn how to effectively utilize them to amplify your message and engage your listeners.

If you’re looking to enhance your communication skills, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and transform your speaking abilities, this episode is a must-listen. Join Dr. Gary Sanchez and Joel Weldon as they share invaluable insights and strategies that will help you become a more effective and influential speaker. Tune in now to unlock the secrets of persuasive speaking and unleash your full speaking potential.

Listen to the full episode now to gain valuable knowledge and take your speaking skills to the next level.


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[00:01:09] Speaker Introduction

[00:04:29] Using speaking to grow your business.

[00:10:39] Always open with the point of the story.

[00:12:28] Overcoming fear of public speaking.

[00:17:30] One idea can change your life forever.

[00:21:13] The power of mindset.

[00:24:09] Different thinking.

[00:26:29] The worst speaker ever.

[00:33:17] Joining the Toastmasters Club.

[00:34:19] Man under construction.

[00:38:54] Overcoming the fear of failure.

[00:43:03] Systematizing speaking techniques.

[00:49:00] The ordinary speaker’s opening.

[00:51:21] Talk to the audience as if it’s only one person.

[00:55:13] Using “I” vs “You”.

[01:01:21] Impactful use of quotes.

[01:03:11] The power of words.


Listen to the podcast here


Unleash Your Speaking Potential with Joel Weldon: Master the Art of Persuasive Communication

Are you ready to take your speaking skills to new heights and captivate your audience like never before? In this blog post, we delve into an insightful podcast episode featuring Joel Weldon, a renowned speaker and expert in communication skills. Join us as we explore the key takeaways from this episode and discover the power of Joel Weldon’s expertise in transforming your speaking abilities.


Unveiling the Power of Joel Weldon


Joel Weldon’s journey from earning a humble $25 for his first speech to commanding $25,000 per presentation is a testament to his remarkable expertise and influence in the speaking world. With an impressive track record of delivering over 274 presentations in 1974 alone, Joel has honed his speaking system into a powerful tool that can help individuals unlock their full speaking potential.


The Power of “You”


One of the major highlights of this episode is the emphasis on addressing your audience directly as individuals. By using the word “you” throughout your speech, you create a deeper connection and engagement with your listeners. This powerful technique elevates your speaking skills, allowing you to connect with your audience on a personal level and make a lasting impact.


Secrets of Impactful Openings and Closings


Joel Weldon shares valuable insights on crafting impactful openings and closings. By captivating your audience from the very beginning and leaving them with a powerful closing statement, you ensure that your message resonates long after you’ve finished speaking. Learn the art of creating memorable and engaging openings and closings that leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Harnessing the Power of Quotes


Quotes can be a game-changer in your speaking arsenal, and Joel Weldon reveals their true potential. Discover how to effectively utilize quotes to amplify your message, engage your listeners, and add credibility to your speech. Joel’s expert advice on incorporating quotes will help you elevate your speaking skills and deliver compelling presentations that leave a lasting impact.


Why Joel Weldon is a Game-Changer


Joel Weldon’s wealth of experience and expertise make him a trusted authority in the field of speaking. His insights and strategies have helped countless individuals transform their communication skills and become more effective and influential speakers. By implementing Joel’s proven techniques, you can unlock your full speaking potential and captivate any audience with your persuasive communication.


If you’re eager to enhance your communication skills and become a more effective speaker, this podcast episode featuring Joel Weldon is a must-listen. With his invaluable insights into the power of “you,” impactful openings and closings, and harnessing the potential of quotes, you’ll gain the tools needed to elevate your speaking abilities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best. Tune in now and unleash your full speaking potential with Joel Weldon

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About Joel Weldon

Imagine this: you are so terrified to stand up and speak to people that you avoid it until, at age 28, you finally decide to give your first presentation. Joel Weldon began his 48-year career as a Hall of Fame Professional Speaker exactly like that, and NOT because he was amazing on that day. In fact, it was the result of feedback from an audience member, who said, “You are the worst speaker I have ever heard in my entire life.” What would you have done if somebody said this after your first effort overcoming your greatest fear?

Joel decided on that very day that he would learn how to speak effectively, and did he ever! In the four decades that followed that life-changing event, Joel was paid to speak at over 3,000 events around the world. His unique business card is an 8 ounce can that says, “Success Comes in Cans not in Can nots.” Over half a million people have his success can as a constant reminder of what they CAN do.

Some people do, and some people teach, Joel excels at both. Joel is all about results and has personally coached over 10,000 speakers. He created a system to enable any speaker to deliver a powerful message with clarity and impact, whether in person or virtually. Joel Weldon’s “Ultimate Speaking System” is designed to help business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals use speaking to grow their business by getting the results they want. Joel’s philosophy is simply this: make your message impossible to be misunderstood, because speaking is simple, when you have a system.

Joel’s commitment to health and fitness is evident by his energy level, which his clients always recognize as one of his unique qualities. In addition to working full-time as a speaker and speaking skills coach, Joel spends over 60 days every year on the water — skiing, surfing and “air-chairing” on a slalom course. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Judy, for 59 years, has 2 daughters who work with him every day, and 4 wonderful grandchildren.

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