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Mini Episode: A Billion WHYs: Dr. Sanchez’s Vision for Global Impact

Mini Episode with Dr. Gary Sanchez
WHY.os: Better Way – Clarify – Simplify

Dr. Gary Sanchez is a renowned expert who has transitioned from being a dentist to a leader in personal and professional development. His unique insights into the ‘WHY’ of human behavior make him an essential voice for anyone seeking to understand their own motivations and those of others.

  • Discover Your Why: Learn the nine universal ‘WHYs’ that drive our actions and how identifying yours can transform your life.
  • Impact of Self-awareness: Uncover how self-awareness and understanding your ‘WHY’ can lead to both personal and professional success.
  • The Uniqueness of the WHY.os Discovery Tool: Explore the innovative WHY.os Discovery tool, designed to help you find your ‘WHY,’ ‘HOW,’ and ‘WHAT’ for a more fulfilling life.

Hit play on this episode and join Dr. Sanchez on an adventure to find out what makes you, well, you!

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00:01:04 – The Importance of Knowing Your Why
00:02:28 – Impact of Knowing Your Why
00:03:10 – The Difference Between Short-Term Motivation and Your Why
00:04:56 – The Universality of Your Why
00:05:18 – Influence of Simon Sinek and the Start With Why Movement
00:07:17 – Discovering the Host’s Own Why
00:09:03 – Helping Others Discover Their Why
00:09:25 – Patterns and the Nine Whys
00:12:04 – The Development of the Why Discovery Algorithm



Unlocking the Power of WHY: Dr. Gary Sanchez’s Journey to the WHY.os Discovery


Have you ever paused to wonder WHY you do what you do? What drives your decisions, your passions, your career choices? Imagine a world where every decision, every action, and every aspiration is driven by a deep understanding of WHY we do what we do. This is the world Dr. Gary Sanchez invites us to explore. A man whose journey from a successful dentist to a thought leader in understanding the personal and professional WHY is nothing short of inspiring. This transformation wasn’t just a career shift; it was a deep dive into the essence of human motivation and purpose.

Dr. Sanchez’s story is a testament to the power of self-discovery. It’s about unearthing the underlying reasons behind our actions and motivations, which he calls our WHY. This concept isn’t just a philosophical musing; it’s a practical tool for personal growth and success. And at the heart of this journey is the WHY.os Discovery tool, a groundbreaking approach developed by Dr. Sanchez to help individuals and organizations unlock their true potential.

Who is Dr. Gary Sanchez?

Before he became a beacon of insight into the WHY of human behavior, Dr. Gary Sanchez was a dentist. But beneath the surface of his dental practice, there was a burning question that kept him awake at night – WHY do people do what they do? This question led him on a path of exploration and discovery, far beyond the realms of dentistry.

His quest for answers transformed into a mission: to develop a tool that could help people understand their own WHY. This mission birthed the WHY.os Discovery, a unique blend of introspection and practical application, designed to guide individuals in uncovering their core motivations.

Understanding the WHY.os Discovery

The WHY.os Discovery stands out in the crowded space of personal development tools. It’s not just about personality assessments or skill evaluations; it’s about digging deeper into the core of our being. The WHY.os helps individuals and organizations decipher the fundamental reasons behind their actions, choices, and behaviors.

What makes the WHY.os Discovery unique is its simplicity and profound impact. It’s a tool that goes beyond the surface, offering clarity and direction in both personal life and professional endeavors. It’s about aligning your actions with your true motivations, leading to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

The Nine WHYs and Their Impact

Dr. Sanchez’s exploration led to the identification of nine universal WHYs that encapsulate the range of human motivations. These WHYs are the lenses through which we view the world, make decisions, and interact with others. They range from the desire to contribute to a greater cause, to the drive for better ways, to the need for trust and stability.

Each WHY has its unique impact and manifestation. For instance, someone with a WHY of contribution is driven by the desire to add value and make a difference in the lives of others. In contrast, an individual whose WHY is about making sense of the world might be drawn to roles that require analytical thinking and problem-solving.

Real-world examples abound in Dr. Sanchez’s practice and beyond. From business leaders who reshaped their companies by understanding their WHY, to individuals who found new purpose and direction in their personal lives, the nine WHYs offer a powerful framework for understanding and growth.

The Power of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is like a compass in the journey of life and career. It’s about knowing not just where you are, but also where you’re headed and WHY. Dr. Gary Sanchez emphasizes that self-awareness is the cornerstone of personal and professional success. It’s the key to understanding not only our actions but also our reactions, our decisions, and our relationships.

The WHY.os Discovery tool is a catalyst for this self-awareness. Dr. Sanchez explains how it goes beyond the surface, helping individuals and organizations to not just identify their WHY but to live it. This enhanced self-awareness leads to more meaningful interactions, better decision-making, and a deeper understanding of one’s role in both personal and professional realms.

Transforming Lives and Businesses

Imagine waking up every day with a clear sense of purpose and direction. That’s the power of understanding your WHY. It’s about aligning your life and career with what truly matters to you. Dr. Sanchez shares numerous success stories – from individuals who’ve found renewed passion and direction in their personal lives to businesses that have transformed their operations and culture by aligning with their WHY.

These case studies are not just stories; they are testaments to the transformative power of the WHY.os Discovery. They showcase how understanding your WHY can lead to significant changes, not just in how you work, but in how you live.

Future Directions and Global Impact

Dr. Sanchez’s vision extends far beyond individual success stories. He dreams of a world where everyone understands their WHY – a world where people and organizations operate with clarity and purpose. His goal is to impact a billion lives, helping people across the globe to discover and live their WHY.

This vision is about creating a global movement of purpose-driven individuals and organizations. It’s about building a future where decisions, both big and small, are guided by a deep understanding of one’s motivations and purposes.

In this special episode of Beyond Your WHY, Dr. Gary Sanchez not only shares his journey but also invites us all to embark on our own. The key takeaways from this episode – the power of self-awareness, the transformative impact of knowing your WHY, and the potential of the WHY.os Discovery – are more than insights; they are invitations to a more fulfilling life and career.

The WHY.os Discovery is not just a tool; it’s a pathway to a purpose-driven life and leadership. It’s an opportunity to align your personal and professional worlds with what truly drives you.

We encourage you to explore your own WHY. Listen to this enlightening episode of Beyond Your WHY with Dr. Gary Sanchez, delve into the world of the WHY.os Discovery, and start your journey towards a more purposeful and impactful life.

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About Dr. Gary Sanchez

Dr. Gary Sanchez is an International speaker, author, dentist, and inventor. He is best known as “Dr. WHY” for discovering the 9 WHYs, developing the WHY Discovery Tool, the WHY.os Discovery (WHY Operating System), as the Founder and CEO of the WHY Institute.  Many people talk about the power of knowing your WHY, but Dr. Sanchez took it from concept to reality to activation  when he created the world’s first WHY Discovery tool to help people accurately and quickly discover their WHY in under 5 minutes. In 2021, WHY Institute launched the WHY.os Discovery which discovers your WHY, HOW, and WHAT and creates your personal brand message for you in under 10 minutes.  

From a successful dentist to now helping hundreds of thousands discover their WHY.os, Dr. Sanchez’s journey shows the impact of understanding and living your WHY.os. He is now on a mission to help 1 Billion people unleash their true self by discovering their WHY.os. 

Dr. Sanchez is the author of the book The Power of the 9 WHYs: How People and Teams Get Clear, Stand Out and Play Bigger which helps readers deep dive into understanding who they are, strip away their mask to see their real gifts and then equip them to be themselves by living their WHY.os.  

Dr. Sanchez believes that success happens when we find a better way and share it.  HOW he does that is by making things clear and understandable. Ultimately WHAT he brings are simple solutions to help others move forward. He did this for 32 years as a Cosmetic and Sedation Dentist and currently as the CEO of WHY Institute.  

He earned his degree in biology from the University of Colorado in Boulder and his D.D.S. from the University of Southern California. Dr. Sanchez’s favorite saying is “There’s always a better way!”