Gary Sanchez

WHY Institute Founder & CEO

What is a WHY?

Gary Sanchez

WHY Institute Founder & CEO

What is a WHY?

What is a WHY?

There are so many misconceptions about the “Why,” and we need to get on the same page about it. There are so many people who talk about having to know your WHY!

Individuals like Eric Thomas and Tony Robbins speak often about knowing your why. What they’re talking about is very important. But here’s the twist: They are talking about a different WHY than I am.

What they’re talking about is a short term reason for doing something the way you are doing it, and that is super important for hitting and reaching your goals.

When you know your WHY, WHAT you do has more impact.

I’m talking about WHY would I would choose you over everyone else who does what you do.

This is not a short term goal. I’m talking about that permanent driving force that goes with you everywhere you go. That’s the WHY I’m talking about.

WHY as a Natural Law

The WHY provides lasting clarity and purpose when you know it. It’s more like a natural law.

The thing about natural laws, like gravity, is whether you believe in it or not, it affects you. Think about it! Imagine someone standing at the top of a cliff. This person says they don’t believe in gravity, and steps off the edge.

Whether you believe in it or not, your WHY follows you and drives you EVERY SINGLE DAY! You can use this knowledge to your advantage. In terms of gravity, we have used it to travel to the moon!

The Lens Through Which You See

Whether you know or don’t know your WHY, it governs everything you do. It’s the lens that guides you.

When you know your WHY you can use it to your advantage by having better relationships, understand yourself better, to build better businesses.

When I did not know my life, I was in a fog. I was moving forward, but slowly! Without my WHY I was just doing and barely getting through.

In the Fog

When I found my WHY, I knew where I was going and saw that my life made sense to me! I understood the direction I could go and I could move forward faster because it was clear.

If you don’t know your WHY yet, you’re probably moving forward at a slower pace.

Your WHY is WHY you do WHAT you do. WHY you do what you do everywhere; what you’re compulsive about.

My WHY is to find a better way and share it. I wake up wanting to find a better way and go to bed feeling the same way.

Your WHY is the Gift You Bring

Your WHY is your cause and how you are hardwired. It’s what people can count on from you. If you’re looking for someone to find a better way, you want to find people like me.

Your WHY is your gift and what you bring to the world. What makes you special.

When you know it, you’ll think “That’s exactly what I’ve done my whole life.”

If you have not already, make sure you discover your WHY at this link!