What is a WHY.os?

By: Bella Sanchez

Whether you’ve discovered your WHY or not – there is a secret we’ve kept. Discovering your WHY isn’t all the WHY Institute provides. There are next steps in your WHY journey and that is discovering your WHY.os (HOW & WHAT).

What is a HOW?

A HOW is the way in which you bring your WHY to life! It is the way you express your WHY, the way it lives through you. You could very well have the same WHY as someone, but HOW you live your WHY is entirely different so it is important to understand this about yourself and others.

What is a WHAT?

A WHAT is what you ultimately bring. It is what people can depend on you for and may even be what you’re known for! Your WHAT is the way your WHY and HOW come to life. 

What is the “.os” in WHY.os?

The .os in WHY.os refers to combining your WHY, HOW, and WHAT together. It is your operating system, hence, os. When you put your WHY, HOW, and WHAT together in the right sequence, that is when it becomes a game changer. That is when you know yourself to the deepest level and can express who you truly are, how you operate, and how you view the world.

What does knowing your WHY.os do?

Knowing your WHY.os is what puts the whole picture together. Knowing your WHY without the others is simply a piece or two to the puzzle that makes up the total you.

Your WHY is what drives you, your HOW is how you express it, and your WHAT is what you deliver. All of these together are your WHY.os, the essence of who you are.

Figuring this out may seem like a daunting task – and that’s WHY we exist!