Simply Simple







In a world where everything is chaotic and nothing is uncomplicated there are heroes among us. They may not wear capes, and they may not be in the Marvel films, but they’re there. They may not have biceps the size of Mount Rushmore or the jawline of Hercules but they are there to save us. They exist to take our pandemonium and disorganization and create ease.

These people will see a complicated way of doing something and turn it into a quick step or two. They will quickly be able to formulate a useful and understandable thought or concept for any task. If you need to be rescued from a complex thought, a complex math problem, a disorganized closet or refrigerator, those with the WHY of Simplify are here to help.

The thought of disorganization, clutter, or complexity makes little sense to them. Why would you need so many steps, so many different pairs of shoes, so many details when you could only possibly use parts of it? They find what is necessary, and get rid of the unnecessary. Thank you Simplify’s for keeping it simple and not letting us get too wild out there.

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