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You believe in thinking differently and living your life outside the box. You believe in the courage to be different. You don’t follow the rules. You like to create and innovate. You are a game-changer. You love to be different and think differently, and you actually want to change the world.


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Challenge Deep Dive

You don’t believe in following the rules or drawing inside the lines. You want things to be fun and exciting and different – you rebel against the classic way of doing things. You typically have eccentric friends and eclectic tastes because, after all, why would you want to be normal?

You love to be different, think different, and you aren’t afraid to challenge virtually anyone or anything that is too conventional or typical for your tastes. Pushing the envelope comes naturally to you.

For those who share your WHY, the biggest challenge tends to be that you are generally unaware of just how unconventional you are; you don’t always appreciate what a unique gift you truly have!

Others find you odd or strange and don’t understand your behavior. You may be viewed as “the crazy one” and ostracized because of it. You may be excluded from gatherings, opportunities, and relationships because of the way that you are perceived. People don’t “get you.” Because of this, you may feel misunderstood or undervalued; you may have a hard time getting along in normal circumstances.

In your case, it is imperative that you let people know about your WHY, own the fact that you are different, and communicate that you do enjoy challenging the status quo and coming up with innovative and novel ways of looking at things. Invite people to bring you problems that need a fresh pair of eyes or an outside-the-box solution. When someone knows about (and understands) your WHY, you morph into the cool person that simply thinks differently (instead of the difficult, “weird” person).

It has been our experience that for people who share your WHY, gaining the awareness that you ARE different (and that there is nothing wrong with you!) has been transformational. Knowing your WHY gives you a keen understanding of yourself, along with an appreciation for who you are—often for the very first time.

If your WHY is Challenge, you are all about doing things your own way. Everything has to be different, and if your significant other appreciates your uniqueness then you will have a fun and exciting relationship. You are spontaneous, act on the spur of the moment, and are always up for a unique and fun experience.

In personal relationships this can be wonderful and exciting at first, but it can become more challenging as responsibilities enter into a long term relationship. It is critical for your partner to be able to understand you and be able to see why you do what you do! They will learn to appreciate your inability to follow a recipe, for example, because they will get different meals all the time – often called surprises!

When not understood, you can be very challenging. When you are understood, you can be a lot of fun!

Challenge people can be difficult in a traditional work environment. You really don’t make a good employee if that requires following the rules and conforming to the status quo.

You don’t like to be on time, don’t want to do things the way everyone else does, and certainly don’t want to follow the rules. If the business values this about you, then it could be a match, but often this isn’t the case.

A better solution is for you to become an entrepreneur (or a leader where you can be the visionary) and then build a team around you in order to get things done. You see things the rest of us do not, so when you can focus on being the visionary and thinking differently (a la Steve Jobs) amazing things can happen!

Challenge people make fun parents. You make your kids laugh and smile, which is such a great quality to have as a parent. You will most likely be your children’s friend’s favorite parent because you relate to them well and are so much more fun (and different than!) the other parents. You are ok with dressing differently and making them laugh because that is just what you do!

When they have challenges, you help them see things differently and show them how to imagine other possibilities, which can give them both comfort and a different perspective.

You would make a great CEO, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Solopreneur. You really need to be your own boss (and be in control) so that you can do your business the way you want to.

Realistically, Challenge people do not make great employees. You need to be free and able to do things your own way; you do not want to follow the rules. Being put in a place or position where there are a lot of rules won’t work for you: for example, military or government jobs.

Most important – think differently and dream big. Don’t be afraid to build a team around you that can help you accomplish your dreams!

Phrases Challenge People Say:

"Let's do it in a way that makes it more fun!"
"Why can't I do it my own way?"
"Let's imagine the possibilities!"
"How can we do something different?"
"Who says we have to follow the rules?"
"What rules?"

Phrases that Describe You:

Marches to their own beat
Does his/her own thing.
Just wants to be different
Life of the Party

Does this feel like you?

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I've Discovered my WHY, now what?

The more you get to learn about yourself-the more you get to learn about others.

Knowing your WHY is the critical 1st step to knowing yourself...

But just as important is your HOW and your WHAT. Knowing your WHY is the first step. Clarity, certainty, and direction come when you know all three. By knowing your Personal WHY.os you are able to get clear, stand out and MOVE FORWARD FASTER!

The 9 WHYs

There are 9 perspectives people view the world from. Your perspective is through the driving force in you to Challenge the status quo and have more fun! Believe it or not, not everyone views the world from the same perspective – there are actually 8 other WHYs! 

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To Contribute to a Greater Cause, Make a Difference, Add value or Have an Impact.

"How can I help?"


To Create Relationships Based on Trust

"I'm Dependable."


To Make Sense Out of Things

"I've got it figured out."


To Find a Better Way and Share it.

"We can improve it."


To Do Things the Right Way.

"Let's Create Structure."


To Seek Mastery

"Let's explore this in greater detail."


To Create Clarity.

"We need to get crystal clear."


To Simplify

"Let's keep it simple and to the point."

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