Your WHY is

What a wonderful WHY you have!

Your WHY is


What a wonderful WHY you have!

Does this feel like you?


You believe in making things simple so they are useful and understandable. You have a unique gift of reducing the number of steps required for almost any task. You constantly look for ways of simplifying. For you, life is better when it’s simple and uncluttered. If you can simplify something and help the world, you will.


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You are one of the people that makes everyone else’s life easier. You break things down to their essence, which allows others to understand each other better and see things from the same perspective. You are constantly looking for ways to simplify, from recipes you’re making at home to business system you’re implementing at work. You feel successful when you eliminate complexity and remove unnecessary steps.

The biggest challenge that you face, given your WHY, is embracing the fact that others are quite comfortable with a fair amount of chaos.

To you, this makes little sense. Chaos is confusing and inefficient. It adds layers of unnecessary complexity to any task or relationship, and from your perspective, it contributes nothing positive. You have a hard time with mess and disorganization.

There is no easy answer to the dilemma facing those who share your WHY. Human beings are messy by nature, and most are not prone to seeking simple solutions at every turn, as much as you wish they would.

Acceptance and celebration are your friends—accept the fact that others cannot do what you do, and celebrate the contributions that you make to everyone around you.

If your WHY is to Simplify, you are direct and to the point in your relationships. For a relationship to be great for you, you want to know what is going on, you want things to be simple to understand, and you don’t want a lot of fluff. You don’t like drama, nor do you need a lot of attention, as that would be too confusing and would feel excessive.

Conversations with you are short and sweet, and you are good at making your significant other feel comfortable. Sometimes a relationship with you can be challenging; when you are too direct it may seem like you are upset or unhappy, although really you just want the facts. Less is more for you, and that can work well for relationships with some of the other WHYs, such as Trust, Make Sense, Better Way, Right Way, and Clarify. Your traits may make relationships with Contribute, Challenge, and Mastery more difficult.

You are great to have on the team because you are excellent at taking complex information or ideas and simplifying them for others to understand. In meetings you are typically not very vocal, and may go an entire meeting without saying anything. However, when you are called on for feedback or advice you are great at summarizing what was said while also making it easier for others to “get” the important points. Sometimes you can seem disengaged or disinterested, but that is because you are gathering data or figuring out what others are saying. You can sometimes seem blunt, especially when your answers are short, but that directness is your gift. When the rest of the team realizes that, you become an appreciated asset!

You make a great parent! You make things simpler for your kids by decreasing clothing choices, decreasing food choices, and making tasks easier for them to do.

Less is more also applies; you believe that when children have less things to make decisions about they are happier. You do well when your children agree with this thinking, but will experience conflict if they want more and more (like many do). It can become challenging for you as their desire for what you see as “excess” goes against what you believe. Young kids will likely follow your ways, but older kids might want more. Be ready for it!

You would do well as an Engineer, Doctor, Dentist, Accountant, Leadership Trainer, and anywhere simplification is valued. You would also be great in marketing and advertising, as you could help people simplify their messages or brands. In addition, you would do well in management, as you can summarize problems or solutions in a way that everyone can understand.

Career choices for people with the WHY of Simplify are endless; you can do very well in many business settings. Almost every business wants things simpler and easier, which makes you a great fit!

Phrases Simplify Say:

"Don't tell me all that. I just need the facts."
"What are you trying to say?"
"Just narrow it down."
"Focus. Let's stay focused."
"There's too much stuff."
"What are the facts?"
"Keep it simple."

Phrases that Describe You:

To the Point
Just the Basics
Does not like fluff
Nothing Fancy
Less is more

Famous Individuals with the WHY of Simplify

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