Your WHY is

What a wonderful WHY you have!

Your WHY is


What a wonderful WHY you have!

Does this feel like you?


You believe that there is always more to learn. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. You seek in-depth information instead of a broad variety of topics. You gather and retain substantial knowledge in multiple areas. You find pure enjoyment in the sheer act of immersing yourself in something new.


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Mastery Deep Dive

You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, but not at a superficial level. This thirst is all about exploring the depths and intricacies of a particular subject; you’ll pursue this goal until you are viewed as an expert in your subject area.

You find enjoyment in the sheer act of immersing yourself in something new. You are fearless when it comes to learning about new subjects or ideas, but often cautious when it comes to expressing your thoughts or feelings. You love to peel back the layers of the onion, always going deeper and looking for subtle differences on any given topic. Short answers to questions are a challenge for you because you know they won’t get to the depth needed for someone to truly understand the subject being discussed.

The biggest challenge facing those with your WHY is a practical one. You have a tendency to want to create a Rolls Royce when only a Volkswagen is required (or requested!). The pursuit of perfection may be uncalled for, or even counterproductive. You are not particularly suited for mundane tasks, and may often get in your own way as you are constantly looking for innovation and perfection when none is actually needed. You have to be cautious to keep your over-active brain out of the way when facing necessary chores that must be accomplished in a timely manner. Sometimes good enough really is good enough.

While virtually every task has components that must be completed, your challenge is to set a time frame and deliver just what is required without going above and beyond. Although you can delve into the depths and intricacies of any subject matter or task, you need to be aware of when that level of depth is actually needed or wanted. If people want detail -give them detail. When they want a summary – give them a summary. You will find the most happiness in roles where your intellect is constantly challenged. When interacting with others, it is important that you maintain your humility to avoid being perceived as arrogant. Your high-powered brain is indeed a gift; you will find more joy and fulfillment when you surprise people with it.

If your WHY is Mastery, you will do well in personal relationships in which details and truths are valued. You relish small details and enjoy going deep into areas you consider important. You are fascinated by nuance and the small things that give depth to a subject. If your significant other’s WHY is Contribute, Trust, Make Sense, Right Way, or Clarify you will probably have a good chance at a wonderful relationship. You may have systems for gathering information and data, and you know how you like things to be; if your significant other appreciates and encourages these gifts your relationship will be strong! With those who have the WHY of Better Way, Challenge, or Simplify it may be more of a struggle to maintain close relationships with them, as they may not see your attention to detail and need to go in depth as a positive thing. It is easy for you to be misunderstood; remember that there are so very few of you that mastery is truly a unique gift.

You make a great team member if the team needs depth and details. If an organization needs complex research, in-depth manuals, or detailed reports you would be great for the job. If they want fast action and results, however, you are probably not the right person, and you may find that you are stressed and unhappy. Most likely you will make a better business owner or solo-preneur than an employee; this way you can set the rules and give yourself enough time to do what you want in the way you want to do it. You don’t like to be rushed, and you want to know as much as you can before making a decision. For you, “fast” is not in the equation.

As a parent you do very well. You have a great deal of knowledge to share with your child, as well as the patience to share it. You love spending time with your kids (or anyone) when you’re given the chance to show them what you know and have learned. Kids, especially when young, love that about you. Although you may consider yourself a beginner at your given subject, the rest of us feel that you know more about it than anyone else we’ve met. Your kids will feel the same. Your challenge may come as they get older; they will want fast decisions or quick answers, and you don’t operate that way. You almost always prefer to think long and hard before you act. Conversely, young adults tend to act before they think. Your patience will help you navigate these changes, and soon they will come back to you for advice and discussions!

Mastery is a very rare WHY. You would do best as a CEO or entrepreneur: you set the rules and they fit you! You would also do well as a Speaker, Author, Hedge Fund Manager, Athlete, Coach, Doctor, Government Worker, Engineer, Professor, Researcher, Grant Writer, and Teacher. Career choices where depth and detail are important tend to work well for you, whereas careers in which fast action and quick decisions are necessary are not a good fit for you. If you have someone you trust, like a coach or mentor, who can help you move forward while creating reasonable time frames to complete tasks, the sky is your limit.

Phrases Mastery People Say:

"Let's research that."
"We need more information."
"Could you give me more details?"
"Have you thought it through?"
"I need more time to see all the details."
"There is a lot to know about this."
"We better find more about this before moving forward."

Phrases that Describe You:

Takes his/her time
Very Complex
Good at Explaining
Moving Slow
Wants a lot of detail

Famous Individuals with the WHY of Mastery

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