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You are driven to solve problems and resolve challenging situations. You have an uncanny ability to take in lots of data and information. You consider factors, problems, and concepts and organize them into solutions. You also have a gift for articulating a solution and summarizing it clearly.

Sounds like you, doesn’t it?

This short video details the characteristics of your WHY, the challenges that
come with your WHY, and the solutions to those challenges.

Why Percentage

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If you have this WHY, it is impossible for you to stop yourself from solving other people's problems. Sometimes this can come across as a "smarty pants," or someone who doesn't listen. Many people, despite having problems that you could easily resolve, are not interested in your solution. They simply want empathy or to be heard. They don't want anyone to preach to them or lecture them. If you are not careful, you may damage a relationship unnecessarily despite your desire to help.

The easy answer to this challenge is to not jump in with your solution. Find a way to bring it out slowly, especially if you can make it easily understandable to the other person. You will always solve problems and can take pleasure and feel proud of this unique skill.

If your WHY is Make Sense, you are great at solving problems and thinking fast on your feet. You are often way ahead of the rest of us as far as figuring out a problem or creating a solution. This can be great in the right relationship and challenging in the wrong relationship. If you significant others WHY is Contribute, Trust, Mastery, Simplify or Clarify, you have a good chance at a strong relationship. What is great about your WHY is that you can usually figure out how to get along with almost anyone at least initially as you can view the relationship as something to solve and work at. The WHYs of Better Way, Right Way, and Challenge may be more challenging for you in that they may challenge your solutions to make sure they are better, right or different. You challenge becomes almost "dumbing" yourself down to now solve every problem or give solutions too quickly so that the other person feels valued and you will have great personal relationships!

You can be a wonderful WHY to have on the team when quick results and fast decisions are needed and wanted! It is so nice for Team members to have someone like you that they can go to when they have challenging and complex problems. You can take in all the information and quickly synthesize it down to what is keeping them stuck and then you help them understand it so they can see it and move forward. You take complex things and make them understandable-often using your outstanding verbal abilities. The challenge for you comes in the fact that you can solve problems so fast and so well. You can often become the bottleneck at work because since you are so good at solving problems - every problem ends up coming to you. Time and energy become your limiting factors in that you can't solve every problem if the organization is to grow. You need to be able to delegate as well as pick and choose which problems to get involved with so you can keep the Team involved and keep your sanity! You need to make sure you don't become the "fix it guy" and stay part of the Team.


Make Sense people do well as parents because you are great at helping kids with the challenges they face as they move to adulthood. You are a wonderful resource for your kids and they are amazed at how much you know and how quickly you can figure out what to do. You are also great at making solutions their idea and making it fun for them to learn! You are the parent that other kids enjoy being around because of your quick wit and ability to improvise on the fly. Challenges can come if your kids become rebellious in that they may not want you to solve problems for them but to listen. It can be hard for you to let your kids fail in order for them to learn when you can quickly solve their issues for them but that may be exactly what is needed for them to grow.

Make Sense people are great at just about anything! You would make a great Speaker, Author, Lawyer, Financial Advisor, Doctor, Dentist or just about any career where solving big problems quickly is valued. You would make a great Coach as well as a wonderful Point Guard in basketball or Quarterback in Football. You make a great leader but not a great follower! You would make a much better Entrepreneur or Solopreneur than a CEO because you end up doing much of the work anyways so you might as well get the credit for it.

It would probably be better for you if you are the CEO to bring in a CEO with the WHY of Contribute and you take a secondary role so you can revel in solving the problems you want to solve instead of all the problems - this would make more sense and allow you to live your strength!

How To Move Forward Faster

The more you get to learn about yourself-the more you get to learn about others.

Knowing your WHY
is the critical 1st step
to knowing yourself…

But just as important is your HOW and your WHAT. Knowing your WHY is the first step. Clarity, certainty, and direction come when you know all three. By knowing your WHY-HOW-WHAT formula you are able to get clear, stand out and MOVE FORWARD FASTER!

Want to learn more?

Then you definitely have to check out my truly life-changing course Personal WHY-HOW-WHAT.

I blindly recommend it as it is the formula I’ve used myself-and thousands of others- to get to know me better and live up to my full potential, reaching all my goals and go one step beyond! When you know your WHY-HOW-WHAT formula, there are no limits to what you can achieve. This is the basis of everything!

Phrases a Make Sense would say:

Famous People with your WHY include:

I’m sure this will support your path and take you to a whole new level!

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