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You are the ultimate innovator. You constantly seek better ways to do everything – you can’t stop yourself! You contribute to the world by creating better processes and better systems. You generally operate with a high level of energy because that is a better way.

Sounds like you, doesn’t it?

This short video details the characteristics of your WHY, the challenges that
come with your WHY, and the solutions to those challenges.

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The very strength of your WHY is the same thing that presents as a distinct challenge. Nothing is ever "right" because it can always be made "better". You have a hard time choosing what to eat in a restaurant because of the idea that some other choice on the menu might be better than the one you are about to make. You never leave well enough alone, which can frustrate others, especially those who have gone to great lengths to create systems that work (and that they believe you should not be messing with!). As far as you're concerned, everything can be made better.

Your solution is to define what "good enough" is for each project you take on. This way you have an endpoint, at which you need to be committed to the idea that you will stop trying to improve or change that particular project and move on to something else.

Realize that what "Better Way" people are looking for is something that is "good enough." What that means is that you will keep tinkering and improving until you reach the point where you are happy enough with a project to feel it is acceptable to stop and move on. Choosing the "good enough" point before diving in will keep you out of things you shouldn't improve, prevent you from endlessly obsessing over one element of something, and enable you to focus on areas where you can make the biggest impact.

If your WHY is to find a Better Way, you can be really fun to be in a relationship with, but also really challenging to be in a relationship with!
You’re possibly fun, in that you like to find alternate ways to do everything. Better, newer, different: from things you regularly do, to the restaurants you visit, or the events you attend - you are always looking to experience “better”. This includes the newest technology, the best car, the craziest nightclub, the premier hotel - you’re always looking for the latest and greatest new thing.
This can be enjoyable for your significant other (as they get to enjoy these new experiences as well), but it can also be exhausting for them as you continue to want more and more. You have lots of energy for fun and exciting, but not as much energy for things you don’t find enjoyable. These characteristics can be a challenge for people that don’t like change, or who like to do the same things a lot.
Another place you may run into challenges is decision making. Since you are always looking for newer, better things, you can have trouble truly asking yourself: “When is it good enough?” This can cause stress for your significant other; you are constantly sorting through available options to find “the best” thing, when an option that you passed over as “just okay” is truly good enough to them!

You can be great to have on a team if the team is serious about wanting to improve and get better. That's right up your alley, as you easily spot things that are not good enough (and usually have innovative solutions to improve them). It is almost like you have a mental file cabinet of better ways to do things; you can take methods you have seen used in many different areas and adapt them to new situations as needed.
You are great at associating, which means you can take ideas and methods from one business or situation and apply them to something else. Although you are great at finding better ways, the truth is: sometimes better ways are not needed. Sometimes the results are good enough, the team or organization is satisfied, and a better way isn’t wanted. This can mean that you're need to improve things may cause an upset or become an irritant for other team members that feel things are already working; they don’t believe they need your tinkering and tweaking, and may resent the intrusion.
You are great to have when better is what is needed, but not as great to have when better is unnecessary!


Better Way people typically are fun to have as parents; they are constantly looking for new ways to improve their child’s life. You make a great coach for your child’s teams, an intelligent helper for your child’s science fair project, and a humorous entertainer for your child’s friends. You are always looking to innovate; whenever your child has a challenge they come to you with their problems.
You may run into difficulty when you see your child doing something that you know there is a Better Way for. You’ll want to point it out to them, even though you know that kids make mistakes and that is how they grow. It can be hard for you to understand (and remember) that having space to try things on their own is important, even if they aren't doing things the way you think they should be.

Better Way people are wonderful to have on a team if the focus of their company is to make things better.
For example, you would be great at working in real estate if the goal is to take a property from run down and failing to updated and profitable. However, you wouldn’t be very good at following proven and consistent accounting practices as a CPA or bookkeeper.
You would be great in a think tank or brainstorming session, as innovation comes naturally for you. Careers you might enjoy include: Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Mortgage Banking, Medicine, Business Owner, Engineer, Speaker, or Author.
Pretty much any field in which you get to identify something that isn’t performing at it’s best and then have the freedom to improve it will be a great fit for you!

How To Move Forward Faster

The more you get to learn about yourself-the more you get to learn about others.

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