When asked what their WHY is, people often say things like “I have to provide for my family”, “I need to get healthy”,  or "I need to reach a specific goal". While these are great reasons to do something, they are not the WHY we are referring to. Your WHY is your driving force, the lens you see the world through and make decisions. When you know your WHY, WHAT you do will have more impact, more meaning and more focus.


Steve Maestas

CEO Maestas Development Group

"I don't think the value of knowing our personal WHY's can be understated. I think the revelation of understanding your Team members lens that they look through is really critical, but I think the thing that is going to really move us forward is the clarity and alignment of how we are communicating, why we are doing what we are doing and how it all works together. It validates the time investment and energy investment that we are making to become an inspired company."
Todd RuppertFormer President/CEO, T. Rowe Price
"People came out of their shell, communicated with one and other, got to appreciate one and other, and they assembled around a common goal. That was fantastic! And what was neat for me to see was how all these young people really aspire to be part of something for the long term, so I think it is not only going to improve them individually, in their respective areas, and improve the company - but they are going to want to stay with the company long term because of what you have done today. Don't think twice - just do it- its great!"
John KharoufFounder Kharouf Orthidontics Group
“I believe that now that I know my WHY, and the WHY of my practice, we could have saved thousands of dollars on marketing. We tried DISK, Colbe, Colors, etc. As a business to form better group communication, practice life, and patient expereince. However discovering our WHY is so much deeper, scientifically based, and has allowed us to express how we go about doing what we do. It has been life changing for my family, my patients, and our employees. ”


After graduating from USC Dental School in 1988, Dr. Sanchez began his practice in Albuquerque, NM. He spent years trying to figure out the challenge of how to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

That is when he learned about the power of knowing his WHY.

Using his WHY to market his practice allowed him to go from just getting by, to abundance. Dr. Sanchez then began helping others to discover and use their WHY to create clarity and growth in all areas of their lives, leading to the creation of the WHY Institute.

Dr. Sanchez and his team have now helped thousands of clients- from individuals to Fortune 500 companies- see clearly and thrive.