Discover Your Personal WHY

Have you ever wondered why some people stand out among the crowd? Have you ever wondered how they accomplished this with such ease?

Wanna know?

Join Dr. Gary Sanchez, founder of the WHY Institute in this video as he walks you through the power of discovering your Personal WHY and how it will dynamically impact and transform you and your life.

Discover your WHY in minutes!

See Clearly. Get Inspired!

There is nothing more powerful than a clear mind and understanding what is driving you and it all starts with discovering your Personal WHY ...

Have you ever wondered how the ones that stand out - were able to stand out?
How did they do that? Wanna know?

The first step is to discover your Personal WHY – because when you know your WHY - you have clarity.

When you know your Personal WHY:

  • You can see clearly WHO you are and the PASSION that is driving you .
  • Understand how you THINK, what you BELIEVE – your PURPOSE in life.
  • Achieve GOALS and live your DREAMS.
  • Understand your SPECIAL GIFTS and STRENGTHS.
  • Understand what you STAND for and have the words to SHARE it with others.
  • Make DECISIONS and CHOICES that take your life in the direction you want it to go in.

There’s nothing more POWERFUL than a PERSON who knows their WHY

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What Others Are Saying:

Steve Maestas CEO
Maestas Development Group &
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

"I don't think the value of knowing our personal WHY's can be understated. I think the revelation of understanding your Team members lens that they look through is really critical, but I think the thing that is going to really move us forward is the clarity and alignment of how we are communicating, why we are doing what we are doing and how it all works together. It validates the time investment and energy investment that we are making to become an inspired company."

Todd Ruppert Former President and CEO
T. Rowe Price

"People came out of their shell, communicated with one and other, got to appreciate one and other, and they assembled around a common goal. That was fantastic! And what was neat for me to see was how all these young people really aspire to be part of something for the long term, so I think it is not only going to improve them individually, in their respective areas, and improve the company - but they are going to want to stay with the company long term because of what you have done today. Don't think twice - just do it- its great!"

Dr. John Kharouf 
Founder Kharouf Orthodontics Group, PC  

“I believe that now that I know my WHY, and the WHY of my practice, we could have saved thousands of dollars on marketing. We tried DISK, Colbe, Colors, etc. As a business to form better group communication, practice life, and patient expereince. However discovering our WHY is so much deeper, scientifically based, and has allowed us to express how we go about doing what we do. It has been life changing for my family, my patients, and our employees. ”