Picture this: You just ended a call with one of your best clients... and they couldn't stop raving because you just blew their mind. In fact, you gave them BIGGER results than ever before.

How? You have a secret tool that allows you to provide results that no other coach can provide. It's like having an "unfair advantage" that adds to your high-impact work and that elevates your practice to the highest level.


It’s called the WHY.
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With your registration, you also get invited to our live WHY Certification Event on October 15th and 16th where you will get the opportunity to interact with other WHY Certified professionals nationwide to hear from our founder and CEO Dr. Gary Sanchez and other prominent guest speakers who are a part of our network.

Everybody has a WHY.

Yes – you’ve heard about this mysterious process of assisting others in discovering their WHY. You know it is the critical first step in helping your clients find clarity and tap into their passions. You even understand that you could move your clients forward so much faster if they knew their WHY – right?! But how do you help them make this discovery, and how long will it take?

What if we told you that we could help you find your client’s WHY in under 5 minutes? Would that be helpful?

Well, you can! With the WHY Discovery 4.0, you can help your clients quickly discover their WHY while clearly understanding their results.

We’ve tested the WHY Discovery with over 40,000 people – it is both proven and powerful.

For the first time ever, we are ready to share our insider knowledge with the right coaches – coaches who know their own WHY, believe in the power of WHY, and want to share these benefits with their clients and prospective clients.

Dr. Gary Sanchez and his team at the WHY Institute are now offering a special training event for coaches just like you. This exclusive event is designed for industry leaders who want their clients to reach peak performance by understanding the core of what makes them tick. The ultimate KEY to unlocking their truest potential is knowing how to know themselves, grow themselves, and BE themselves.

It’s knowing their WHY.

Here’s our offer: You’re invited to a special, 2-day training designed exclusively for early adopters like yourself. The event will take place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is open to a limited number of applicants.

We are seeking coaches that want to coach on the highest level, and who are looking to move their clients forward faster so that they can have a bigger impact than ever before.

During this exclusive event, you’ll learn everything we know about the WHY discovery process, and you will walk away equipped to empower others.

Are you ready to coach at the highest level and bring MASSIVE results to every single person you serve?

You’ll leave the training with:

1. In-depth knowledge of each of the 9 WHYs
2. An understanding of how to effectively communicate with each client’s WHY
3. Knowledge about how to develop your clients WHY+HOW+WHAT via the online course
4. Clarity on how to use the WHY Discovery in order to quickly and reliably help your clients discover their WHY in under 5 minutes (and how to apply this to prospective clients as well!)
5. A practical understanding of how to use your own personal WHY Discovery Dashboard when working with teams and organizations
6. The ability to leverage the WHY Discovery to turn prospects into clients, all while coaching at the highest level!

Are you ready to coach at the highest level possible?

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