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Discover Your WHY and Core Values to Take Your Life and Leadership To the Next Level

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Dr. Gary Sanchez and Robert Glazer are teaming up for the first time ever to combine two powerful tools that’ll lead you straight to being the best version of yourself – at home, in your community, and in the work you do.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023
10am PT / 11am MT/ 1pm ET


On This Webinar We Will Discuss How You Can:

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Play To Your Strengths & Purpose

Discover your true WHY and Core Values letting it fuel your drive. Experience the rush of energy that comes with knowing exactly what you're meant to do and why you're doing it.

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Improve Your Self Awareness

Tap into your deepest self and identify your true Core Values. This knowledge is the key to unlock your full potential and lead a life of purpose and achievement.

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Make an Even Bigger Impact

Armed with the knowledge of your true self, you'll be better equipped to make a significant impact in the world around you.

Teamwork is our secret weapon
Align to What Matters Most

Understand the harmony between your WHY and Core Values. See how they complement each other, guiding you towards the right decisions and actions in both your personal and professional lives.

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Find What Fulfills You

When your actions are aligned with your deepest beliefs and purpose, you'll experience profound fulfillment and happiness like never before.

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“Discovering my WHY was like finding that section of my brain had lit up. Because it was always there, I just didn’t know what it was. I was like ‘OH MY GOSH I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW THAT ALREADY’ and I could look back on my life and be like ‘oh that’s why I do that’!

Gina Balarin

Gina Balarin

Founder & Director of Verballistics, TEDx Speaker, 

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Jane Bradley

Founder/CEO SmartSpiderPROS, Inc. 

“I am so pleased that I made the decision to attend this. It was time very well spent. I had several breakthrough moments and am certain that I, along with my company, will benefit from this new insight. This is truly how I feel.”



“I’ll be honest with you I had never heard of WHY Institute until this workshop. When I discovered mine, I though, yep – that’s like looking in a mirror. That’s me, that’s exactly me! This is important for anyone, leaders, and teams to understand.”

General Craig

General Craig Whelden

Global Fortune 500 Speaker, Best-Selling Author, President of Velontra,