Learn how to use your Personal WHY+HOW+WHAT from the WHY Institute Team!
We’ll help you make great decisions, communicate better and live a life of passion!

Join us for the next step as you Learn to Apply your WHY

This online workshop will start at 6 pm MST.

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Event Agenda:

Knowing your WHY is the critical 1st step to knowing yourself…

But just as important is knowing your HOW and your WHAT.

These are the steps thousands of others have used to get to know themselves better, live up to their
full potential, and reach all their goals while also going one step beyond! When you know your personal
WHY+HOW+WHAT, there are no limits to what you can achieve. This is the basis of everything!

During this course we’ll help you develop your Personal WHY+HOW+WHAT message, so you can APPLY YOUR WHY!

We’ll explore each element while helping you assess and learn:

-The Nine WHY’s 

-What is your HOW?

-What is your WHAT?

-What is your personal WHY+HOW+WHAT message?

You’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of your Personal WHY+HOW+WHAT, plus how you can use that knowledge to realize your unique gift, how you best fit into the world, and how you can live with passion.

Are you ready to unlock your WHY+HOW+WHAT?

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About the Creator

Dr. Gary Sanchez believes there is a better way to move forward faster and perform at the highest level – and that happens when you know your WHY. HOW he does that by making things clear and understandable. WHAT he brings is a simple solution that is powerful and easy to use.