Knowing your WHY helps you stand out from everyone else that does what you do.


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It’s Time to know your WHY so you stop being a well-kept secret!

Get Clear

See your gift and what makes you special by getting clear on you.

Stand Out

Apply your WHY to your life or business so you gain an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Play Big

Discover exactly what to say to attract the right people into your life or business.

What Your WHY is and is Not

How is the WHY Institute Different?

As odd as it may sound, we are all simple creatures. We are driven first and foremost by survival. It’s our most basic and primitive need. When we figure out what gives us the best chance to survive, we repeat that behavior. It becomes our WHY – why we do what we do. After a while, it becomes our programming or hardwiring and runs us for the rest of our lives.

Here’s what’s really cool, it also becomes the thing that you are compulsive about, what people count on you for and what you bring to the world – what makes you unique, different, and special.

All you need to do is discover it, understand and live it. The challenge is that when you don’t know your WHY, you don’t know your gift and may think you don’t have one.

Once you see your WHY it helps you see clearly who you are, get focused on the things you have a passion for and move faster in the direction of your dreams. And you don’t have to change a thing! Who you are is already special and unique.

When people discover their WHY, they stand differently. They hold themselves differently – they know.

Your WHY is your core motivation, it’s that feeling you get when what you’re doing is exactly what you want to be doing. HOW is the processes you use to live out your WHY. And your WHAT is defined by what you do or bring.

It’s time to get clear so you can stand out and play big.

“I don’t think the value of knowing our personal WHY can be understated.”

Steve Maestas

CEO Maestas Development Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

5-Minutes and You Will Know WHY

That’s all it takes. The WHY App is designed to quickly identify which of the 9 WHYs aligns most with you. Each question allows our system to analyze what your core motivation and driving force is – so you can get clear, stand out, and play big.

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