We believe in challenging conversations, pushing limits and finding our passion.

We believe in challenging conversations, pushing limits and finding our passion

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Previous Topics Include:

Willpower fades. WHY-power Transforms

Awaken the WHY Within

Get Clear. Stand Out. Play Bigger.

Redefine Success

The Operating System that drives you.

Rediscover Your Purpose

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear-YOU.

Our Speakers

Gary Sanchez
Better Way - Clarify - Simplify
CEO & Founder

Dr. Gary Sanchez’s WHY is to find a better way and share it. HOW he does that is by making things clear and easy to understand. WHAT he brings is simple solutions to help people move forward. He and his Team have worked with over 40,000 individuals, as well as 500 companies from small yoga studios to Fortune 500 Companies helping them get clear, stand out and play bigger. 

Outside of the WHY institute Gary enjoys playing a round of golf, messing around on the pickleball court, and hanging out with family and friends enjoying some red chili dinner.

Dan Dominguez
Contribute- Challenge- Make Sense

Dan Dominguez exists to positively impact the lives of others. He does that by challenging the status quo and looking at things from a different perspective. WHAT he brings is the ability to make sense of the complex and challenging to help others move forward faster. Dan’s diverse background as an academic scholar, college mascot, Army Ranger, sales leader, marathon runner, track and cross-country coach, and Rotarian allows him to connect with almost anyone easily playing a large role into his position at WHY Institute.

Dan and Monica enjoyed raising their oldest daughter Jaz, who is now married and living in Chicago. They look forward to spending more time together as they raise their youngest daughter, Sofia.

Jerry Lujan

Better Way - Clarify - Simplify

Jerry Lujan is obsessively dedicated to finding and sharing better ways to achieve peak performance. He does that by helping leaders and their teams clearly understand themselves and each other to perform at the highest level. He then shares a series of roadmaps and tools that always drive predictable results. As the Founder of Elevation180, creator of the Win180 Producer Success Program, the Team Peak Performance Solution, and author of Win on Purpose, Jerry is now sharing only the best tools he has found or created to help his clients live into their bigger futures. 

Outside of Jerry’s career, he is the proudest that he didn’t miss out on the growth of his children Kelley and Jared and his marriage to wife Lisa.