Business WHY Messaging

You’ve already experienced the
Business WHY+HOW+WHAT Workshop,
and you are ready to apply your WHY
to make sure your Message Matters!!

In this powerful follow up to the Business WHY+HOW+WHAT course,
a WHY Institute speaker will help leadership teams and
businesses build powerful messaging based on

Regular Price: $9797

Your Workshop Price: $3,500

This will be a full-day event starting at 8 am and ending at 4 pm.
Lunch will be provided.

Here’s what you’ll get:

An overview of Business WHY Messaging.

Step by step instructions on creating your Business WHY Vision.

How to find your Business WHO (Your Ideal Client).

An understanding of what your ideal client WANTS, so you can market to them with the right message.

An Elevator Pitch that is clear and powerful (and that you can deliver in 30 seconds or less).

“We Believe” statements that help you attract clients that believe what you believe.

Powerful and remarkable tagline based on your WHY.

And finally, we’ll help you create your WHY Business Creed.

Are you ready to learn to apply your WHY,
and ensure your message matters?

Register while there are still seats available.

About the Creator

Dr. Gary Sanchez believes there is a better way to move forward faster and perform at the highest level – and that happens when you know your WHY. HOW he does that is by making things clear and understandable. WHAT he brings is a simple solution that is powerful, user-friendly and easy to use.