Take your Personal WHY to the next level.

Find clarity in your career direction with the WHY Career Formula. This course is designed to guide you to the right job growth that aligns with your WHY+HOW+WHAT.

“I was working in a place that did not align with my WHY. As a Better Way person, I am meant to be building systems and processesĀ for people; constantly striving for the best system. Now, I’m doing just that for awesome organizations across the US!” Lauren W.

Get Clarity on WHY You Should do WHAT You Should Do

Understand your core motivation and how to apply that to your current job and next opportunity

Learn HOW You Best Do WHAT You Do

Define your passion for what you do and discover how that and your lifestyle goals combine to build the perfect career

Get in Sync With WHAT Your Career Should Be

Find the answer to what your job should be!

Are you asking yourself these questions?

Dr. Gary Sanchez will walk you through these questions and others to challenge you in discovering a WHY-focused career.

WHAT do I want to do for the rest of my life?

HOW in the world am I going to keep doing this forever?


WHY do I enjoy certain things more than others every day?


Overcome these obstacles and more when you complete the WHY Career Formula Course.