Meet Michele Wucker, she created the “gray rhino” to help those facing a challenge in their life or business.

Her WHY is Mastery.

Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way).

Meet Michele Wucker

Michele Wucker is the author of three books, most recently the international bestseller, THE GRAY RHINO: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore. China’s leadership has used the book to frame and communicate its crackdown on financial risk. Drawing on three decades of experience in financial media and think tank management, turnarounds, and policy influence, Michele is the founder of the Chicago-based strategy firm Gray Rhino & Company. She speaks regularly to high-level global audiences on risk management, macro strategy, and decision-making. Also, she is often quoted in leading global media. Michele’s recent TED Talk has attracted more than two million views. She has been recognized as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and a Guggenheim Fellow, among other honors.

Facing A Challenge

Michele Wucker coined the term “gray rhino” to draw attention to the obvious risks that are neglected despite – indeed, often because of- their size and likelihood. The metaphor has moved markets, shaped financial policies, and made headlines around the world. The “gray rhino” is much more dynamic than the elephant in the room.

In other words, the “gray rhino” is a metaphor for facing a challenge. The metaphor combines various aspects of life from history to sociology. However, Michele found tying together all the loose ends rather simple. The hardest part was molding the concept into a metaphor everyone could understand. Despite this, Michele found that making the idea into the “gray rhino” metaphor allowed her to reach a much broader audience.  

Finally, out of everything the “gray rhino” has accomplished, Michele’s favorite part is the impact it has had on people’s lives. Before creating this metaphor, Michele was working as a journalist trying to get people to question the world around them. She believes the impact you can have on others is incredibly powerful. Creating this metaphor has allowed Michele to expand her influence over the world. Michele has sparked the minds of people around the globe and given them the power to face their own “gray rhinos”.

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