Meet Coach Jim Johnson, a man with a truly inspiring story of leadership and a love for basketball!

His WHY is Trust.

Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way).

Meet Coach Jim Johnson

In his many public-speaking roles, Coach Jim Johnson of Rochester, New York recounts his part in a basketball game that got Hollywood calling. Firstly, he emphasizes the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.  Coach Johnson delivers his talks with a heartfelt style that has indeed brought crowds to their feet.  Above all, Coach Johnson’s goal is “to be an outstanding role model that makes positive differences in the world by helping others make their dreams come true”.

Basketball Coaching Career

Coach Johnson has produced winning high-school basketball teams for 30 years. Meanwhile, he took over three losing varsity programs and turned them into winners in a short time. In 2006, organizations from the Rochester area named Coach Johnson ‘Coach of the Year’.  He was also awarded with a ‘National Sportsmanship Award’. Coach Johnson has rolled his experiences into two speaking presentations, “Dreams Really Do Come True” and “Leadership Lessons from Half-Court”.  According to Coach Johnson, trust is the key to any strong team, organization, business, or company.  He views the steps to success as persistence and effective teamwork. Coach Johnson also believes that the secret to long-term success is constant growth.

In sum, Coach Johnson has now retired from full-time teaching. Still, he will continue to provide these messages to various businesses and organizations around the nation. You should ask him about his favorite moment in basketball. It will likely have to do with a time when one of his autistic players took part in a basketball game. The kid, nicknamed J-Mac by Coach Johnson, ended up playing GREAT! In the end, he shot six three-pointers and scored a total of 20 points! 

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