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Stefan Georgi – Challenge

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Meet Stefan Georgi

He has:
-Founded 4 companies employing a combined total of 56+ people.

-Paid every contractor or employee at least 80% over minimum wage, with the average closer to $30/hour.

-Individually wrote 20+ direct response marketing pieces that have grossed a combined total of over $500 million.

Keep Challenge WHY People Outside the Box

The Challenge WHY is centered around challenging the status quo and thinking differently. These are people that think outside the box and imagine possibilities. Think Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. If you put these people in a box and limit their options, they die. If you let them out of the box, they create great things!

Stefan’s Story

Stefan is a direct response copywriter who has sold over 500 million dollars in products. Including over 30 million of his products in the past year and a half! And he just so happens to have the Challenge WHY.

He currently runs a digital marketing agency helping clients launch offers online through a full “Done For You” model where they write the copy, build the sales funnel, get the traffic, and help you monetize your email list. Additionally, they provide customer service!

Stefan started in 2011 at an outdoor school in Texas with eight other guys teaching kids about nature. He thought when that ended he would do another program in Florida as an outdoor ed instructor.

Then the tables turned when he found out his dad had cancer. He helped his family every day with his father and didn’t have an idea about where to go or what to do. Throughout his life, he was a mediocre student and always felt restless. In 2011, his dad passed away in October.

With a Southwest airfare deal, a friend and Stefan bought tickets to Las Vegas after his father passed. The first night they were there, Stefan did not have much money to gamble with, and turns out he Stefan lost most of the money. The next day, he went to play poker and won a couple of hundred dollars! On Sunday, he went to play poker again, saw a woman walk in and he said: “I hope she gets seated at our table.”

She joins his table to play. Stefan asks her what she does and finds out she is a copywriter – after learning that, he pulled out his iPhone and Googled what that meant.

He got a new job in Florida at a Fortune 500 company and turned out, that woman he met at the poker table came to visit over Superbowl Sunday. She then decided that she wanted to stay and moved her entire life to Florida.

Stefan had an outside sales job, where he got a car, quality salary, and a gas. Then he came home and saw the woman making ten times as much money as he was – while in her pajamas drinking a beer.

He put up an ad to start doing copywriting work just as she was, and people paid him to start writing for them. Stefan made accounts on Upwork and made good enough money to keep learning and to grow his skills. Stefan quit his corporate job and was freelancing full time.

Over time, he was hired for small jobs and grew his following. Then he signed an exclusive contract and made a company 100 million dollars per year through content.

Stefan knew that what he wanted was ownership. He started multiple supplement companies that made a TON of money.

In the summer of 2017, Stefan decided to stop supplements and create an agency to help other people launch their offers and mimic his success. Through the agency, Stefan can work on multiple projects at a time and coordinate with his team.

He has a great team, call center, copywriters, and supporting team roles.

Back to 2011, where his dad was sick to now married to the woman he met at the poker table, growing his agency, and living in Las Vegas – what a life.

Challenges With Having a Challenge WHY

Earlier on in WHY, Stefan struggled with alienation – he did not feel like he fit in or could fall in line. He wondered why he could not just work a job, work nine to five, and have that life. He felt that he was conflicted as he felt a lack of desire to be like everyone else. This made him lonely and led down a self-destructive path.

If you feel similarly, you overcome this by viewing this as a gift instead of a problem. In this mentality shift, you have to learn how to see that you are unique and work with people that understand that.

You do not have to go rung by rung, take the shortcut and move forward!

Challenge people must turn their curse into a gift and see it for what it is – something great.

How to Write Copy Fast

Stefan was able to write copy fast and learn it well

It was not like he was a copywriting master, he did not read the books at the start. Instead, he looked at successful copy, took the same tone and language and structure and made it work for his clients.

A  piece of copywriting is called “swiping” – where you take the template, tone, and language from other successful copy and Stefan mentions that this is a great way to get better.

Good Copy vs. Great Copy

You have to be a little bit crazy and find something that hooks people in. It’s about having a unique angle and way of presenting information. The person that best presents ideas and the argument for the product.

Here’s the process Stefan and his entire agency use: RMBC – Research, Mechanism, Brief, Copy

Research your product, find the mechanism behind the problem and solution, write a brief and then get to writing the story.

You don’t want to take shortcuts or find ways to skip out on or miss out on having a clean and smooth process.

Copy and Video Length That Work

What’s your product and what are you selling? If you want someone just to download a resource, make it short, but if you want someone to purchase a product priced $39 and up, provide extended copy and longer videos are better. The more you educate, the better return you will have!

The story is a massive part of the content you write. A compelling tale is reflecting a recognizable reality to the prospect. If the prospect can recognize themselves in the protagonist of a story, then the reader can hope that they find the same solution.

The Hero’s Journey As a Template

The Hero’s Journey is this: A person starts off, and everything is normal, then there is a call to adventure! They’re forced on this quest and on a journey to find something. There’s a refusal of the call from the reluctant person who is not sure if they are the right person or not. The person will then find a mentor or guide who will show them there is a better way and guide them to the object of the quest. At this time they will cross the threshold and begin their quest. They will have enemies, setbacks, and challenges facing them. The person will get close to the goal and have a supreme ordeal, which is the ultimate quest of all. They will triumph and reap the rewards. At that time, they will go back home, and things are never really the same. They are free, but they are forever changed.

If you’re thinking about your product, here’s an example. There’s a doctor who sees patients with gut problems; he starts looking into how another doctor is using silver to fix skin challenges and malaria. This other doctor starts using this on his patients and has had a TON of success with it. He’s now a changed person because of this product and wants to share this with you.

Now think about all of the Disney movies out there – they’re pretty much all the Hero’s journey.

Bringing Traffic to Your Site

Stefan’s agency relies heavily on an affiliate network. Affiliates get a payment per how many purchases they generate. You only pay affiliates if they convert users for you – this is a great way to decrease dollars spent.

As a result, there is no fraud; there is quality traffic, conversions happen, and creative is excellent! Increasing cash flow and not spending until you have to – what more could you ask for from a lead generation tool.

Are You Ready to Get Clear On You?

Once Stefan had the words and experiences to quantify his internal motivation, things made sense. The best way for you to know what it is inside you that is itching is to learn more about the Personal WHY Formula Course. This course has walked hundreds of people through getting clear on themselves.

Are you ready to get clear so you can stand out and play big? Click Here to Get Started.