Meet Cara Parrish. She’s asking: Have you made your personal brand powerful?

Her WHY is Challenge.

Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way).

A Marketing Agency for Personal Brands

Cara’s marketing agency helps people grow their impact and monetize their story. They do this by working with personal brands that are making an impact. Ideally this impact will form the basis of your legacy. Marketing is a natural place for Cara to flex her Challenge WHY, as she is constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve.

As founder, Cara eventually made the decision to pivot her focus to personal brands. This occurred after she found success in a variety of markets, from startups and small business to Fortune 5’s.

Throughout her work with dozens of companies, she noticed that companies with C-suite executives who grew their personal brand had more brand loyalty. They also experienced faster growth and found business development opportunities with much more value.

Pivoting Into Personal Brands

Eventually, Cara pivoted her company towards exclusively helping those C-suite individuals become the personal brands their companies needed. She helps people use their personal brands to monetize their stories as they make a difference.

Since then, her agency has grown. She now has custom programs for all avenues of personal brands. This includes podcasters, authors, coaches, and consultants. She’s also a past-and-current client referral only company. If you’d like to work with her, you will need one of her clients to refer you. She does this to keep her success directly linked to the success of her clients.

She’s not leading an average marketing company. She’s your mentor’s mentor’s marketing company.

What’s Your WHY?


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