Meet Kim Walsh Phillips, someone who learned how to be a Powerful Professional and helps others do the same. 

Her WHY is Contribute. 

Interviewed by WHY Institute Founder Dr. Gary Sanchez (Better Way).

Meet Kim Walsh Phillips

Kim is the founder of Powerful Professional, a business coaching and education company. She was recently named #475 in the Inc 5000 and is a multi-seven-figure business entrepreneur with no business degree and a tendency to say “crazy pants” more than is socially acceptable. 

She is one of the top business authors by Forbes, and the best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business and The No BS Guide To Direct Response Social Media Marketing. (Fun fact: she uses a thesaurus when she writes or she would use the word “awesome,” “cool,” or “very” 7,452,675 more times than she already does.)

Being A Powerful Professional

Kim Walsh Phillips began her marketing journey in 2001. YouTube was her main outlet for digital marketing.  She has always had a passion for writing and began her career in Public Relations. Kim’s drive to help others be more successful drew her into the PR field. This need to help others led her to create a PR agency as well as her coaching business. She now works with individuals and companies to teach them how to be successful marketers.

Kim’s marketing strategy lets you center your attention on your specific audience rather than the general public as a whole. She believes creating connections and making consistent content are important factors in being successful in marketing. There are multiple ways to connect to your audience.  Once you have found a successful method, it is crucial to be persistent.  Implementing these factors into your own market strategy will help you on your path to success.

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