Gary Sanchez

WHY Institute Founder & CEO

Christopher Walker – Make Sense

Gary Sanchez

WHY Institute Founder & CEO

Christopher Walker – Make Sense

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WHY: Make Sense

HOW: Better Way

WHAT: Trust

Meet, Christopher Walker. His Personal WHY Formula is to Make Sense of the complex or challenging. How he does that is by finding a Better Way to do things. What he brings is a Trusted relationship where you can count on him.

Christopher Walker is a Co-founder of Truth Nutra and Kinobody and author of several books on men’s health. He now reaches over 100M viewers per year on social media with natural health education. Chris has a degree in neuroscience from Duke University and likes to paint and surf in free time.

Since a world-shaping tumor diagnosis, Chris was driven to make sense of natural health remedies. Today, you can see how he does just that by watching the above video.

If you want to know your own Personal WHY Formula, take a look at the Personal WHY Formula course at this link.