Congratulations on discovering your WHY!

You have taken a powerful first step toward getting unstuck, making the best decisions, and living a life of value and purpose.
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A message from Dr. Gary Sanchez:

One of the first things I hear people say after discovering their WHY is how suddenly things in their life make sense. They start looking back at their life, at the choices they’ve made (and haven’t made) and they can see how it all fits together now. It’s almost like they’re playing back the movie of their life and they see pivot points where they changed directions and now they understand why that happened.

Is this happening to you right now? Are you looking back and suddenly feeling like you see your life differently?

You can see the decisions you’ve made that got you where you are today. You can see the decisions that you haven’t made and why you didn’t make them. You see why some people are still part of your life and others or not. You see why certain conversations make you feel good and powerful and accepted and others you avoid. Wow! It’s all starting to make sense.

When you know your WHY, you recognize the lens with which you view the world. It’s that filter with which you make decisions. It’s the gift that you bring.  It’s the first step in having the clarity to understand who you really are.

Keep an eye on your inbox where I’ll be sharing with you more about your WHY, and the second and third steps to understanding you, and it’s called your Personal WHY Formula. When you know your Personal WHY Formula, you will see how to make great decisions, move in the right direction and live a life of passion whether that’s in your personal life or your business life.

Live Your WHY!


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