Get clear on your career so you can stand out and play big

The WHY Career Formula Workshop is an online course to help you define WHY you do what you do, HOW you do what you do, and WHAT you should do for your career.
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Get Clarity on WHY you do what you do

Understand your core motivation and how to apply that to your future career

Learn HOW you do what you do

Define your passion for what you do and discover how that and your lifestyle goals combine to build the perfect career

Become in sync with WHAT your career should be

Find the answer to what your career should be

"I don't think the value of knowing our personal WHY's can be understated... the revelation of understanding your team members lens they look through is critical, and the thing that is going to move us forward is the clarity and alignment of how we are communicating."

Steve Maestas

CEO Maestas Development Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City



Much more than a simple “career test”, the WHY Career Formula starts with discovering your unique driving force and takes you all the way through proving your perfect career before you take the leap!


The WHY Career Formula is a self-paced, interactive, online course. You can jump right in and complete it quickly or take your time, all from anywhere you have an internet connection!


With access to mentorship calls with Dr. Gary Sanchez, you will be supported through each step of your journey to ensure the success of your Career Path discovery!

Once you complete the course you will walk away knowing:

Your Personal WHY Formula
It all starts with discovering your Personal WHY Formula. Discover your unique driving force and how to apply it to create clarity, focus, and success in your life!
Your WHY Career Formula
In the WHY Career Formula Workshop, you will discover not only the career that you can do with passion but also the ideal lifestyle that you want to lead. When you have both of these and are able to live them, you will have the GREAT LIFE you have been looking for!

Online WHY Career Formula Workshop Breakdown:

10 Videos


Live, Weekly Mentorship Calls

Instant Access to All Materials

… Everything You Need to Get Clear, Stand Out, and Play Big

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