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The Personal WHY Formula Workshop is an online course to help you define WHY you do what you do, HOW you do what you do, and WHAT you do or bring.
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Get Clarity on WHY you do what you do

Understand your core motivation and how to apply that to your success

Learn HOW you do what you do

Define your driving force for deicsion making and process

Become in sync with WHAT you bring

Find the answer to what you bring to relationships and professional settings

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The Personal WHY Workshop is not just another personality test or course that doesn’t give you lasting results. You’ll learn the power of discovering your WHY- your driving force- and how to use that to bring clarity to your work, your relationships, and your life!


The Personal WHY Formula Workshop is self-paced, interactive, and online. You can jump right in and complete it quickly or take your time and revisit all of the content at your leisure. All from anywhere you have an internet connection- from the boardroom to the beach!


With access to live, weekly mentorship calls with Dr. Gary Sanchez, you will be supported through each step of your journey to ensure your Personal WHY success! And our WHY Team is here to help however they can to make your journey smooth and productive from beginning to end.

Your Personal WHY Formula is Your WHY-HOW-WHAT

WHY you do what you do, HOW you do what you do, and WHAT you do – or bring

Think back to when you took the WHY App (if you have not already, take that here). When you discovered your WHY – you received the first step in your Personal WHY Formula. Step two is HOW you do what you do and step three is WHAT you bring. These are essential elements in getting clear, standing out, and playing big. Here’s an example of how the Personal WHY Formula provides clarity with Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs WITHOUT The Personal WHY Formula

Steve Jobs’ WHY is to Challenge the status quo and think outside the box. Can you see that in him?

He’s the guy that challenges the norm and does things differently. Only knowing his WHY fives us part of the equation, but we don’t see the whole picture.

Steve Jobs WITH The Personal WHY Formula

As Steve Jobs’ works through the Personal WHY Formula Workshop, we would find that his WHY is to Challenge, his HOW is Finding a Better Way, and his WHAT is SimplifyNow we know that he’s the guy that Challenges the way things are done, HOW he does that is by figuring out a Better Way, and WHAT he brings is a Simple solution to help others move forward.

Online Personal WHY Formula Workshop Breakdown:

18 Videos


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