Gary Sanchez

WHY Institute Founder & CEO

Gary Sanchez

WHY Institute Founder & CEO

Dr. Howard Farran – Challenge

Meet Howard Farran 

– Graduated from UMKC dental school in 1987. He earned his MBA from Arizona State University in 1999. He received his MAGD in 1998. He received his Diplomate in the International College of Oral Implantology in 1998.

– Founded Dentaltown Magazine, which is mailed to more than 120,000 dentists in 43 countries each month. Dr. Farran is also the founder of, and the flagship site, where more than 140,000 registered dental professionals share information with each other on a daily basis!

– Author of several dental practice management articles and multiple video series. His experience ranges from all aspects of practice management, including business planning, operations, and finance, to e-commerce business and Internet marketing.

Keep Challenge WHY People Outside the Box The Challenge WHY is centered around challenging the status quo and thinking differently. These are people that think outside the box and imagine possibilities. Think Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. If you put these people in a box and limit their options, they die. If you let them out of the box, they create great things!

Howard’s Story

Challenges With Having a Challenge WHY

How to Write Copy Fast

Copy and Video Length That Work


The Hero’s Journey As a Template

The Hero’s Journey is this: A person starts off, and everything is normal, then there is a call to adventure! They’re forced on this quest and on a journey to find something. There’s a refusal of the call from the reluctant person who is not sure if they are the right person or not. The person will then find a mentor or guide who will show them there is a better way and guide them to the object of the quest. At this time they will cross the threshold and begin their quest. They will have enemies, setbacks, and challenges facing them. The person will get close to the goal and have a supreme ordeal, which is the ultimate quest of all. They will triumph and reap the rewards. At that time, they will go back home, and things are never really the same. They are free, but they are forever changed. If you’re thinking about your product, here’s an example. There’s a doctor who sees patients with gut problems; he starts looking into how another doctor is using silver to fix skin challenges and malaria. This other doctor starts using this on his patients and has had a TON of success with it. He’s now a changed person because of this product and wants to share this with you. Now think about all of the Disney movies out there – they’re pretty much all the Hero’s journey.

Bringing Traffic to Your Site

Stefan’s agency relies heavily on an affiliate network. Affiliates get a payment per how many purchases they generate. You only pay affiliates if they convert users for you – this is a great way to decrease dollars spent. As a result, there is no fraud; there is quality traffic, conversions happen, and creative is excellent! Increasing cash flow and not spending until you have to – what more could you ask for from a lead generation tool.

Are You Ready to Get Clear On You?

Once Stefan had the words and experiences to quantify his internal motivation, things made sense. The best way for you to know what it is inside you that is itching is to learn more about the Personal WHY Formula Course. This course has walked hundreds of people through getting clear on themselves. Are you ready to get clear so you can stand out and play big? Click Here to Get Started.